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As a mum your own health can really take a backseat when you’re so focused on the needs of other people. But there are some easy to manage tips which will not only lend themselves to healthy children but also healthy mums (no organic kale fed kombucha unicorns in sight!).

1. Always have water on hand.

If it’s there with you, you’re more likely to sip on it throughout the day. When you grab a water bottle for the kids in the morning, make sure to get yourself one too. I’ve found that drinking water throughout the day has not only helped me to cut back on caffeine-based drinks that I would usually grab while out and about, but I also eat a lot better because I’m not making poor choices when pressed for time. One of the best healthy living tips I ever received was to have some water before you purchase something “naughty”. Often it’s thirst driving us to hit the snack bar so eliminate that first.

2. Pack snacks for yourself.

It’s taken me some time to work out that preparation is the key to eating a healthy diet throughout the day. Despite packing lunch for three small people I would almost always neglect to pack something for myself which would result in me buying food out and about (not the best choices health wise or wallet wise).

Putting together a small snack box when I’m doing the children’s makes a huge difference. Try cutting up an extra piece of fruit and making yourself a sandwich at the same time. It’s all about having snacks that are good for you, and easy to eat on the run.

My personal favourite for the lunchboxes is Vaalia Kids yoghurt. It passes the on-the-go healthy snack test, with three unique probiotics and no artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners or preservatives. But it’s also really practical for those on-the-run moments, with easy-to-manage pouches that I can grab straight from the fridge.

My kids love them and they win the “I can pass them to the backseat of the car while in traffic” award for mum-ease. For summer I was given the tip to freeze a couple. By the time lunch came, they were easy to eat, and nice and refreshing. Not only that, but they kept the rest of the lunchbox contents cool.

My sweet girl and one of her favourite snacks. Image: Supplied.

3. Choose outside activities.

It’s easy to resort to screens and devices when at home so if you’ve got an afternoon to yourselves make the decision to head out. It doesn’t have to be far. One of our favourite things to do is to grab the dog and go on a nature walk. Usually we don’t get very far but when they’re focused on finding things on the way the kids are entertained and I can clear my head if it’s been "one of those days".

If we have more time I’ll make the effort to go to the beach (I’m lucky because it’s close by) or the park. Whereas previously I would have gone with a car load of cars, I’ve found that simply sitting with them and making up games can be the best for both parents and kids. Less stress, less mess and more time focused on each other.

4. Get the kids involved in cooking.

Image: iStock.

From a young age we have involved our kids with cooking. I’m not talking about handing a two year old a knife and wishing them the best, but there are absolutely age-appropriate tasks that can be done by all members of the family.

It’s a great opportunity to talk about healthy food, where it comes from and how you can prepare it. It always amazes me what my kids enjoy. Only last night I got them to prepare some brussel sprouts with dinner, thinking to myself that they’ll still be there at the end, only to have my kids asking for more than I had made.

As the kids grow, their interests do too. My son recently asked if we could put together a veggie garden at home so that he could look after the crops at the various stages. Admittedly they won’t be prize winners at the Easter Show but we will enjoy them all the same!

What is your easy health tip for other mums? Share in the comments below.

This content was created with thanks to our brand partner Vaalia Kids.

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