7 health clichés that are actually legit.

I can’t count the number of times I got sick as a child, only to have my mum say, “Oh, you haven’t been drinking enough water” or “it’s your own fault for not eating your fruit and veggies.”

At the time, I probably just ignored her but apparently, I should have listened, taken notes and filed them under “things you are definitely going to need to know later in life”.

Here are seven of the most common health clichés around. And it turns out your mum was right…

1. Have a crush? You’re lovesick. Seriously.

When you meet a new person and you hit it off, it’s one of the most fun stages of dating. You think about them all the time and you can’t wait to see them again. Everything is just so damn great. But this rush of the hormone oxytocin can actually have negative effects on your day-to-day life. It makes you unable to focus, eat or sleep – which then can have damaging effects on the rest of your life.

2. If you swallow gum, it will stay in your stomach. FOREVER.

This was one of those myths that someone started in primary school, probably because they only had one piece of gum left and didn’t want to go halves. While it’s unlikely, this cliché is half-true.

If you don’t swallow gum very often, you’re probably going to be fine. But if you do tend to swallow your gum a lot, it could cause a blockage in your stomach known as a ‘bezoar’, according to Dr. Nitin Gupta from Sydney Children’s Hospital.

3. Drink six to eight glasses of water a day.

You probably thought this was your mum’s way of fooling you into breaking your juice or soft drink habit but it turns out that we really do need to drink plenty of water a day. While the minimum amount required differs from person to person, according to The Mayo Clinic, the average woman needs around 2.2 litres of total fluid daily – and it makes sense for most of that to be water, as it helps flush toxins out of your body and carry nutrients to your cells.


4. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Look, it’s not going to fight off the common cold or your office flu, but apples decrease your risk of heart attacks and strokes by up to 12 per cent.

Natural ingredients in apples also work to help your immune system and do wonders for your cholesterol. Trust me – you don’t want to skip these in the fruit aisle next grocery visit. (Post continues after gallery.) 

5. Eating carrots will give you good eyesight.

This one is very much true, and something that I always ignored as a child. Carrots are full of Vitamin A, something that is proven to help eyesight. While you’re picking up your apples, maybe grab some carrots too. Unless your eyesight is anything like mine. In that case, it’s probably too late for you.

6. If you stay inside all day, you’ll get cabin fever.

It’s raining. It’s Saturday. You’ve got Orange Is The New Black to binge-watch. Let’s be honest, you really can’t be bothered to go outside today. But chances are, you’ll get cabin fever, which is actually a legit thing.

Scientists use the term to describe a claustrophobic feeling, which will lead to fatigue, frustration and irritability.

7. You need your beauty sleep.

No, it’s not going to smooth out your wrinkles and plump up your lips Kylie Jenner-style, but sleep is going to make you more attractive. Who wants tired eyes? Not me. If you’re not getting enough sleep, you’ll look rundown and sick, and probably feel pretty bad too.

Moral of the story? Just listen to your mum. Always.

What cliché have you realised is true/false?

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