A very important, definitive ranking of the best fruit.

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Prepare for some #controversy…

Fruit and I have had a very good relationship for quite some time now.

Never was I the child to shun the pureed pear or spit out the mashed banana. I have and will always be a lover of most fruits, and an avid trier of all of them.

As a result, I have created a very helpful ranking of ALL THE FRUIT, based on taste, nutrition and versatility.

Let’s get into it.

12. Rockmelon.

Ahh rockmelon, you filler-fruit you. I have a number of problems with this fruit, least of which is that it constantly features in every fruit salad you purchase. It then taints the taste of all other fruits included with a powerful melon-y attack to your tastebuds.

Rockmelon, you need to step off my other delicious fruits and let me enjoy fruit salad again.

Finally I can enjoy my fruit salad again. Image via Instagram @friendsandforks

11. Grapefruit.

A controversial second-to-last place as I am fully aware of the health benefits of the humble grapefruit.

But I will never be ok with the extremely bitter-tasting citrus fruit, particularly because it comes in such a deceivingly pretty form.

Work on that, please.

10. Watermelon.

Perhaps even more controversial than the one above…

Yes it is refreshing, yes it is a novelty-sized large fruit, but the texture, seeds and taste mean that this fruit just cannot rank more highly.

Watermelon: delicious and novelty sized. Image via Instagram @wrightkitchen.

9. Pears.

Hit and miss. Getting a good one can be like experiencing happiness for the first time, but get a bad one and you have fruit-anger for weeks.

8. Mangoes.

Even if you don’t like mangoes, you can’t deny the tropical sensation that envelops your body with just one bite.

If that doesn’t convince you of this fruit’s worth, I am pretty sure this mango hack will.

7. Mandarin/Orange.

I don’t care what anyone says, these are in the same category.

Packed with vitamin C, these fruits can stave off any cold and can also be put in your mouth to form a delightful orange smile, as so:

6. Strawberry.

No one can hate a strawberry. It’s that simple. But again, the humble strawb can be hit and miss. And they seem to go off within minutes…

Just look at them. Divine. Image via Instagram @wrightkitchen.

5. Banana.

The taste of banana is… good. But if I’m honest the texture is often questionable and I feel like it could work on its ‘wow’ factor a bit.

But in the wise words of Darryl Kerrigan in The Castle, “It’s what you do with it love!” The humble banana is just so damn versatile it really had to feature quite highly.

4. Grapes.

A generous fruit, the main benefit of these are that if you get a bad one, you have a whole bunch of others to choose from. Also, wine.

3. Pineapple.

It pains me that this came third rather than higher up, but it has happened one too many times that I enthusiastically consumed half a pineapple only to have my mouth develop tiny little abrasions from the acidic goodness.

Why do things we love have to hurt us so?

Despite this, it still deserves third place due to its health benefits (according to Medical News Today, it has bromelain which appears to do lots of good things for your joints and overall health) and ability to be made into juices, go in trifles, go in delicious hamburgers etc etc etc.

A well-earned third place, pineapple.

2. Apple.

Taste: Delicious (and different types of apples cater to all tastebuds).

Nutrition: It is said to keep the doctor away if consumed once daily.

Versatility: Juice, pies, crumbles, muffins, slices and more.

Keep up the great work, apples.

1.Kiwi fruit.

This is a clear winner. Kiwis are the right mixture of sweet and juicy, and can be used in pies, trifles, smoothies, salads, cakes and in my belly.

And according to Medical News Today it helps with “beautiful skin”, and… ahem… it helps with your bowel health too.

“Kiwis are the right mixture of sweet and juicy, and can be used in pies, trifles, smoothies, salads, cakes and in my belly.”

Based on my research, kiwi fruit (especially the Gold variety) are extremely high in vitamin C – even more so than many other fruits, including oranges. In fact, just one piece of kiwi fruit provides all your vitamin C requirements for the day. Winning.

As an added bonus, once you’ve cut it in half and consumed one side, you get a whole other bonus side to eat too.

It’s the fruit that keeps on giving, and for this reason it sits firmly on mine (and therefore everybody’s) definitive ranking of fruit.

Do you agree? Where do you rank these popular fruits?

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