An innocent photo of headphones ended in this teenager being sexually harassed.

A 17-year-old girl has been rocketed into ‘yass kween‘ Internet status for how she publicly shut down an online creeper.

Cat Williams from South Wales in the United Kingdom had a stranger ask to see her naked after she posted a harmless photo of her new headphones to Snapchat.

“You wearing those, and nothing else, that would be heaven,” they said.

Williams told Buzzfeed she was both amused and annoyed at how such an innocuous photo had garnered such a sexualised response.

“I was amused that a photo I had considered to be innocent with no kind of sexual connotations still managed to garner unwarranted comments,” she said.

“I [was] also annoyed because it seemed that as a young woman on the internet, you really can’t escape casual sexual harassment.”

Source: Twitter.

Williams decided to retaliate with a tweet that captured the sext in all its glory alongside a sarcastic jibe at victim-blaming.

"Boys wouldn't send weird messages if you didn't put up such slutty photos," she wrote.

The tweet has been retweeted over 36,000 times with almost 63,000 likes.

Many users have commended the young teen on her response.

Featured image: Twitter.