MKR contestant battled with fibromyalgia for 12 years.

Mother-daughter duo, Hazel and Lisa are a bubbly duo from Queensland on this season of My Kitchen Rules.

Hazel, 48 is ten years older than her step-daughter and the two are incredibly close – more like friends. While Hazel is a fitness trainer, she has recently opened up about a personal health struggle she dealt with for 12 years.

Hazel and Lisa. Image via Seven West Media.

The cooking contestant told New Idea that she had battled with a condition called Fibromyalgia; where her body experienced pain and tenderness everywhere.

"One day, I just collapsed on the floor," she told New Idea.

The step-mother told the magazine that her condition was at its worst when she was with her former partner - Lisa's dad - John. She revealed that she couldn't even stand when it was at its peak.

See Hazel and Lisa on last night's show (Post continues after video)...

Video via Channel 7

Other symptoms, in addition to the pains and sensitive skin, includes debilitating fatigue. It is thought that there is no cure for the condition, but Hazel said it was a probiotic that changed her life.

"I found a good-quality probiotic and took a double dose, and about nine months later I woke up and thought: "Oh my God, I feel really good. I think it's gone," she told the magazine.

WOAH! MKR's Hazel and Lisa could be sisters! #MKR

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Hazel is now in a relationship with Jim, and is looking very happy in the MKR kitchen.

Lisa and Hazel joined group three on the reality cooking show last night, a group that will cook for esteemed chef and judge, Colin Fassnidge.

We can't wait to see what they dish up.

Who's your favourite MKR duo so far?

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