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1. “I’m going to pull Stacey up on her sh*t.” MAFS’ Hayley on tonight’s dinner party reunion.

Buckle up folks, tonight’s Married At First Sight dinner party reunion is going to be… wild.

You see, Hayley previously told the Daily Mail that she plans on bringing up *that* rumour about Stacey and Mikey in front of everyone.

For those who need a refresher (or are struggling to keep up with the neverending MAFS goss), Mikey previously claimed he had a “one night stand” with Stacey.

“I can confirm we did have sex, but it was clearly after Natasha and I had agreed with producers that our relationship was over, and Natasha knew we weren’t together,” he told news.com.au.

“I actually didn’t want this [story] out as it’s not the best way to end my time on the show, but it did happen.”

mafs stacey cheating
Image: Instagram.

Stacey, however, has continuously denied these allegations.

"I sit here today and swear on anything and everything that nothing happened between Mikey and I," she previously said in a video obtained by Woman’s Day.

But according to Hayley, Stacey did in fact hook up with Mikey and she brings it up during the reunion.

"I don't know when or where it took place, but it was in the [couples' apartment] building. Let's just put it into Hayley's terms: They f**ked. Stacey f**ked Mikey," Hayley told the Daily Mail.

Yep, it looks like tonight's episode is certainly going to be... eventful. 

The Married At First Sight dinner party reunion airs tonight at 7.30pm on Channel Nine.

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2. “What about my feelings?" MAFS' Steve hung up on an interview after being questioned about Mishel.

After being rejected on last night's episode of Married At First Sight, Steve appeared on Hit 107’s Bec and Cosi Show earlier today and let's just say things didn't go well.

Radio host Cosi began the interview by asking Steve about why he refused to be intimate with his on-screen wife, Mishel.

"Let’s cut to the chase, all she wanted was a shag and you didn’t give her one," Cosi said. "For god’s sake, why didn’t you shag her? What’s wrong with ya mate? Can’t ya get it up?"

"I couldn’t give her a shag because pure and simply I wasn’t ready to do so," Steve replied.

Things only got worse when Cosi asked Steve about the time he appeared on another dating show, First Dates. 

"You’re a bit of a serial offender when it comes to these dating shows – you were on Channel 7’s show as well weren’t you?" the radio host asked.

"What do you mean by serial offender?" Steve asked. "What do you mean?"

"Weren’t you on First Dates as well?" Cosi said.

"Yeah, I was on First Dates a couple of years ago. Is that a crime?" Steve replied.


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There's those dots again... #MAFS

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Then Steve was asked again about why wasn't intimate with Mishel. And it all went downhill from there.

"It’s okay to discuss things like this with a man and say, ‘Why didn’t you do this, why didn’t you do that?’ But if the shoe was on the other foot and the pressure was being put upon Mishel to do this and do that with me, how would that have been?" Steve asked.

"That wouldn’t have gone down well at all, would it? It would just not be right, and it’s not right that I’m having the pressure put upon me to go to the next level with Mishel. Double standards."

“I think that’s a fair point,” radio host Bec replied.

“Yeah, it is a bloody fair point,” said Steve “I’m talking to you at a quarter to eight in the morning and I feel as if I’m being attacked!”

“You’re not being attacked,” Cosi jumped in. “We’re asking you the question that everyone wants to know… you had this woman that was begging for a little bit of affection, a little bit of love, a little bit of action, and you wouldn’t deliver and I’m just asking.”

“What about my feelings? What about how I feel?" said Steve.

“Gees, come here mate, I’ll give you a big cuddle. It’ll be all right," said Cosi sarcastically.

But the offer didn't go down too well with Steve, who decided to hang up on the interview.


3. Margot Robbie has been tipped to play Tiger King's Joe Exotic and we have so many questions.

If you haven't yet watched Netflix's Tiger King, you simply must.

You're especially going to want to get clued up before the real-life saga gets turned into a miniseries.

The series will be based on the Wondery podcast, Joe Exotic: Tiger King and its host, Robert Moor has a rather far-fetched casting request. Speaking to Andy Cohen on Radio Andy, Moor tapped Aussie actress, Margot Robbie to play Joe Exotic.

“My preferred casting – and this is off the wall – would be Margot Robbie. I think Margot Robbie should play Joe in a like a gender switch,” Moor said, justifying his decision.

“Just look at her eyes, that’s the thing, if you look at her eyes, she has these eyes that are just like Joe’s… I think she would do a great job with it,” he said.

Now, let us compare the pair.

joe exotic now
We don't see it. Image: Netflix.
Margot Robbie
Nope. Still can't see it. Image: Getty.

Looks like we're going to need a few more options.

4. John Krasinski's YouTube channel is what we all need to be watching right now.

Not to talk ill of Madonna singing about "fried fish," but The Office's John Krasinski's YouTube channel is the best celebrity contribution to our newly quarantined lives.

Appropriately named 'Some Good News', it's like a mock news broadcast in which the actor goes through good news stories like people sending their thanks to frontline medical workers and random acts of kindness.

The first episode also features an interview with his The Office co-star Steve Carell. We're going to need Krasinski to sling a few more episodes our way, please.


It's wholesome, funny and so bloody endearing.

You can watch the first episode here.

5. HOLY OSHER: New Zealand has two Bachelorettes and one of them just pulled a Honey Badger.

Last night in New Zealand, the final episode of the very first season of The Bachelorette aired. And it was… A LOT.

Firstly, there were two bachelorettes. And secondly, one of them pulled a Honey Badger and picked precisely no one.


Let’s first recap, because you probably don’t know much about this season.

While the Kiwis have aired three previous seasons of The Bachelor, this was their very first season of The Bachelorette.

For the first few weeks, the season focused on 32-year-old Dr Lesina Nakhid-Schuster’s search for love. Then during one Sunday night episode, there was a ~big reveal~ in the form of 23-year-old Lily McManus… a second bachelorette.

Lily is a recognisable face in the country, having been a fan favourite in the country’s third season of The Bachelor, where she was dumped in the final episode. She went on to star in the US spinoff The Bachelor Winter Games, meeting Australian Courtney Dober (from Georgia Love’s season of our Bachelorette), whom she dated for a while. More recently, she appeared on NZ show Celebrity Treasure Island and now… she’s bachelorette #2.

For the past few weeks, both ladies have been dating over 20 men and handing out less and less roses until it came down to their final two.

For more on New Zealand's wild Bachelorette finale, read our earlier article here. 

Feature Image: Instagram / @hayleyvernon/ Channel Nine.

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