11 mums share their most embarrassing pregnancy sex stories.

Sex can be awkward at the best of times. But with a little (or a lot) of practice most of us get to a point where we can confidently say we know what we’re doing.

And then we get pregnant and have to start all over again.

The negotiating of limbs, switching of positions, the uncontrollable bladder hormones. There is a lot to consider, and some times things can go a little awry.

Eleven woman submitted their personal pregnancy sex stories to Cosmopolitan Magazine. Some tales will have you scratching your head while others will leave you giggling with the memory of your own pre-baby sessions.

As a taster, here are just a few of those incredibly awkward moments. For more, watch the video above:

“In the middle of doggy-style, I felt a gush of water coming out, and I thought my bladder let go. 30 seconds later I started getting intense cramping. It was my water that broke!” —Danielle, 32

“I really had to pee, but I thought I would just wait until we were done. I also really had to sneeze, and that I could not hold in. I told hubby to stop for a second. Once I sneezed, I also peed. Everywhere.” —Laurie, 36

“My son’s father used to ask me if he was going to poke the baby in the eye when we’d have sex. I didn’t know how to answer him without making him feel small, so I just told him that I read in a book that the baby would be fine.” Kathy, 37

“I went to post about a really awkward sexcapade — I legitimately fell asleep while doing it — in my mummies Facebook group. But I posted it on my public feed by mistake!” —Dori, 26

Bringing back any memories?