What men really think about having period sex.

For women, sex during a period is often enjoyable. Menstruation can make sex feel more intense, more pleasurable. The blood acts as a natural lubricant, and the type of friction is very different to having sex sans period.

There is science behind this too. Increased blood flow to the area leads to heightened sensation. The contractions of the uterine muscles that occur naturally during a period can create more powerful orgasms. There is also theory around the benefits of having sex while having your period – the contractions of an orgasm can better help clear the uterine lining, and that the endorphins released during and after sex can help lessen the discomfort of period pain.

Unless you have a medical condition such as endometriosis, sex during your period is safe and should not be painful. (Just not on those ‘heavy’ days where you don’t want anything touching you, let alone penetrating you, and a hot water bottle is the only companion with an invite to the bedroom.)

This is all well and good for females. We understand period pain. Menstruation blood dos not freak us out. Lesbian relationships have no issues here.

But what about for the men involved in heterosexual relationships?

Do they like it? Are they down for it? How to have the conversation?

Broadly have put together a collection of stories from men on period sex. For some, it’s just a necessity – better than no sex at all. For others, they really enjoy it. In some cases, men find it more intimate than non-period sex.

We’ve listed the best anecdotes from Broadly, and also mined Reddit for some insight. Here’s what men really think about having sex while you’re on your period:

Your period isn’t stopping him

I actually had to talk the girl I was seeing into doing it. We were long-distance for a few months while I was training for my new job, and when I finally got to see her, she told me we couldn’t have sex because she was on her period. It had been so long and I wanted her so bad that I didn’t care. – Sam, 27.

I personally don’t “like it” so much as it doesn’t bother me at all and I like sex just about anytime I can get it. – Funky_duck on Reddit.

My wife and I have twin toddlers. When we have the time and energy to go at it, it’s happening. If it happens to be that time of the month, fine by me. – Jason, 32.

He’s really not bothered

As a young stud 20-something, my experience is that nothing will stop the march to completion. Once you are within range, it is onward and inward. The elasticity is lower, and the ‘friction’ is annoying, but the goal is the same. Everything is washable, and a warm washcloth managed by your partner can be an ‘I’ll love you forever’ moment. – James 32.


It doesn’t bother me to have sex when a woman is on her period. As long as it doesn’t bother her. – WildOklaBoy on Reddit.

I would like to say period sex is fine, if your take the proper precautions . Also, be-wary of the her getting on top…. gravity is messy. – Royalnarwhalorgasm on Reddit.

Having sex during a period is no big deal. I do nothing different. Just get a dark towel and wipe off your fingers after foreplay so you don’t smear blood all over your lady during sex. Unless that’s what you’re in to, in which case probably put a couple towels down. – Helloimhary on Reddit.

The first time my current girlfriend and I had sex, she didn’t realise that she had her period, and when we were done, there was blood all over my comforter. She was embarrassed, but I didn’t care too much. I actually made a joke about painting the town red. When she sent a brand-new comforter to my apartment a few days later, I knew she was a keeper. – Joe, 25.

He finds it intimate

One morning, she had a very strong flow, and while the blood acted as a lubricant, there was also a feeling of slight friction and some kind of fluid dynamics, which was very pleasurable and exciting. When we climaxed, we uncoupled and both of our bodies were drenched in blood. We just laid together, legs intertwined, and the blood ran down my thighs. I felt such intense love for her having shared that experience with me. – Steve, 34.

Doesn’t bother me in the slightest, in fact I daresay I like it. I like to pretend I’m cleaning it out in there. – LivErD69 on Reddit.

Yes, I like it. I like the ripe smell. Yes, I’ve had fantasies involving sex during a girl’s period. And I have no problem going down on my significant other when she’s on her period. – Yesomgyes on Reddit.

I grew up by the water, and my high school girlfriend and I had a tradition where when she was on her period: We’d sneak down and have sex on the beach. It was oddly pleasurable. The sand would get stuck to the blood on our bodies, and when we were finished, the blood would be this really sick reddish pink colour. I don’t know why this became a thing; it just did. I kind of miss it. – Sal, 31.

The most important caveat here?

Having the conversation.

Talk about having sex while you are menstruating with your partner. Remember, it’s completely natural to want sex during this time in your cycle. The influx of oestrogen during menstruation helps reduce stress, undo all that premenstrual tension and kicks off the feel-good, I-want-sex-and-I-want-it-now buzz.

Have the conversation, ensure you’re both feeling comfortable and keep some clean towels on hand. Who knows? You might just enjoy it.

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