"My sister-in-law is angry because I didn't tell her about my wife's emergency c-section."

A husband has taken to Reddit to ask for advice on a difficult family situation following his wife’s emergency c-section. The Reddit user, who has chosen to go by the name pissedofSIL, explained that his sister-in law is holding a grudge against him and his wife, as they waited six hours before notifying them that her sister had to undergo an emergency c-section due to serious hemorrhaging.

“My wife and I went to a routine appointment that turned into a surprise emergency c-section and nearly fatal hemorrhage. This all happened very quickly and perhaps we didn’t consider everyone’s feelings through the process, but after DW came out of the operating room alive after midnight, we just wanted to be with our baby for a few hours and notify family in the morning,” the new father explained.

Fair enough, right?

"We just wanted to be with our baby for a few hours and notify family in the morning." Image via iStock.

The Reddit user goes on to share that prior to delivery, he and his wife had developed a birth plan in which they decided they would wait a few hours to celebrate their journey to parenthood alone. There where a few hours where the father was taken out of the operating room in which he was "pondering the possibility that I might lose my wife whole simultaneously taking in the the joy of finally becoming a parent to a healthy baby."

"During this short time, my head and heart felt like they might explode. There was nothing on Earth that could have prepared me for this and this was the first time I had felt emotion so intense that it was all I could do to breathe. It's indescribable how much I was consumed in this moment. At that time, there was no one and nothing else on Earth but my wife and children," he continued.


When the new father's wife came out of surgery, they continued with their initial plan to spend some time with their new arrival alone. The father also wanted to avoid the 'hysteria', which he says his wife's family has a reputation for. "It was something we wanted to avoid in that moment of recovery as she [his wife] received blood transfusions and IV fluids. I asked my wife periodically through the night if she felt like we should contact family and she finally gave me the go-ahead early the next morning," he explained.

"It was something we wanted to avoid in that moment of recovery as she received blood transfusions and IV fluids." Image via iStock.

But the father explains that when he rang his sister-in-law to share the news, she was insulted that he had not contacted her earlier and felt as though he was 'on trial'. "She [his sister-in-law] has been looking for reasons to stir up petty drama ever since then. The thing is, we didn't immediately call anyone, and my sister-in-law was the first person we contacted when we decided it was time (six hours after wife came out of the operation room). She is also the only one who seems to be so upset that she is now avoiding us and our new baby," he revealed.

The father goes on to explain that he doesn't know how to go about fixing the situation and the perhaps he is missing something. He and his wife have no regrets about not sharing the news with family sooner.

"Our baby is one month old, and my sister-in-law has been stirring up drama over this (and other petty issues) the whole time, even while my wife was recovering in the hospital," the man concluded.

What would you do if you were in this situation? Do you have any advice to offer?