Mum who miscarried 15 times and had one stillbirth finally has the family she always wanted.

Laura Dove had three miscarriages before she had her first son, Lewis, in 2004.

Lewis was just the beginning of what Laura had always hoped for; a healthy and loving family.

But, the 36-year-old British mother would then go on to endure a living hell in desperate hope for another child.

In talking to The Sun and Mercury Press, Laura said that she miscarried all her babies between the first six and 12 weeks of pregnancy.

“When I first miscarried, I couldn’t tell anything felt different,” she said. “It was heartbreaking to lose the babies, but we were still quite optimistic at that point. We were so young, we just thought we’d try again.”

But Laura’s optimism about having a second child was almost shattered when she fell pregnant, and then lost, her baby boy Joseph.

It was at 36 weeks, during one of the fortnightly scans, Laura was told Joseph had died.

“We [Laura and her husband] were both completely numb and went into autopilot.

“I naively thought that we would do a caesarean, but I was told I would be in induced…

“I didn’t think I would be put through all that. But they had to think about what was safest for me.”

After the passing of Joseph, Laura fell into a horrific depression and also suffered as her marriage ended.

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Luckily, in 2010, Laura met Gareth and instantly, the two knew they wanted children together. The couple experienced a number of miscarriages, trying not to give up hope on the family they wanted to have.

“We lost our first one at nine weeks and several more in the first year of trying,” Laura said.

From there, Laura was told by a medical consultant to take daily injections of a blood thinner.

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“It wasn’t a surefire method but we had nothing to lose.”

After months of trying, Laura finally fell pregnant and from there, she created her perfect family.

“I miscarried so many times before we finally had our daughter [Eva], quickly following by another daughter [Megan] and a son [Harry].”

“Because of everything we went through, when I’m tired I just stop and think about how lucky I am. I have four perfect children.”

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