The best moments from The Bachelor's Keira on 'Have You Been Paying Attention?'.

Not even a week has passed since she was cruelly dismissed from the Bachelor mansion, but Keira Maguire has been diligently fulfilling her ‘reality TV alum’ duties by spilling all the best Bachie intel.

Though it was brief, her starring role as guest quiz master on Have You Been Paying Attention? last night was no exception.

Here, in no particular order, are the starlet’s best and boldest quips and confessions.

1. She finally told us what she thought of her single date with Richie.

One of the questions asked of the panel was what Keira and Richie did on their first single date — the one that resulted in her leaving the mansion.

Chrissie Swan suggested “learnt how to deal with trolls” (10 points to you, Chrissie), but as we all recall it was a far simpler activity.

And, put it this way: Keira wasn’t overjoyed by it.

“Yoga. I mean, if I wanted to do yoga I would have gone to my backyard. Where’s my jet?” she said.

Keira wishes she'd namast'ayed in bed that day. (Image: Tenplay/screengrab)

Oh, BOOM. And great question. If you don't get the private jet/helicopter/sea plane treatment on a Bachie date, did it really happen?

Host Tom Gleisner followed up with an incisive suggestion, remarking, "I'm going to say yoga was your 'dirty street pie' moment."

Keira agreed, adding, "Yeah, get with it people."

2. She revealed just how much of her ~real self~ we saw on TV.

When asked whether we saw her full self on our screens, Keira answered frankly: "Nah, it's 10 per cent me. I'm not going to deny it, let's just be real."

Well, Keira, we thoroughly enjoyed that 10 per cent.

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 3. She dropped the 'peasant' bomb again.

Yeah, she went there.

As if anyone could forget, one of Keira's offhanded comments about the three 'intruders' to the Bachelor mansion quickly became her trademark.

Comedian Dilruk Jayasinha decided it was time to revisit the P-bomb, asking Keira to toss it his way.

Ever the obliging quiz master, she bestowed the honour upon Dilruk, telling him: "Go away peasant."

Hello, trademark saying. (Image: Tenplay, edited by Rosie Waterland)

4. She has a message for her "friends" from the mansion.

After the footage of her being "dumped on national television" — as she phrased it — was displayed for the panel, Keira was asked whether her fellow Bachie contenders had sent her messages telling her she was missed.

"They all do. I'm like, 'You didn't say that when I was in the house'," she responded.

She mightn't be in the mansion any more, but Keira has a scathing message for those left.

"You all just wanna be friends with me now because I'm getting the most attention," she laughed.

Hey, Channel 10 — can we get this lady a regular gig on weeknight TV? Thanks.

Featured image: Tenplay

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