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We don't mean to alarm you, but Aldi is selling Havaianas thongs for $9.95.

Disclaimer: Erm, no, this isn’t sponsored. We just need all the Christmas shopping help we can get.

Well excuse us but summer is nigh, Christmas is rolling around and we’re not entirely prepared for the commitments of both.

That’s why we absolutely couldn’t be more excited to tell you there are bloody flip-flops (or thongs, depending on what you call them and what state you hail from) being sold at Aldi right about now for less then $10.

$9.95, to be exact.

According to the Hit Network, the thongs are being sold at the chain for less money than it costs you to to by lunch.

Of course, there’s a chance they may be the colourful, patterned ones (ahem, rejects) but who says a stocking filler has actually look pretty? Eh? Eh?

Go. Go forth and buy.

Listen: Does your gym tell you “Summer bodies are made in Winter”? We call bullsh*t on that.