Cameras capture creepy footage inside a 'haunted' supermarket.

This footage from a haunted supermarket is sure to creep out even the most defiant ghost skeptics.

CCTV cameras in the small British supermarket The Co-operative Food have captured vision of what employees believe is paranormal activity.

Regional Manager, Chris Armstrong, says rumours of the store being haunted have terrified staff, who have decided to close the store ninety minutes earlier than usual every night this week.

“Unexplained stock movements are happening, doors rattle in their frames when there’s nobody anywhere near them.”

“Staff have regularly complained of an eerie and uncomfortable atmosphere and a number of ‘unexplained’ occurrences such as noises and the feeling of being watched and followed.”

Watch the video of the ‘haunted’ store below. Post continues after video. 

The footage was uploaded to YouTube this week by store manager, Leanne Williamson, who told The Sun that the recording terrified her.

“I don’t believe in that sort of thing but I do believe in what I can see and there is no other way to explain it.”

“The store’s built on a set of old cellars – very dim and dusty down there. Lots of the windows have still got iron bars on them.”

It sure is a coincidence that what the store’s employees are now calling a ‘100 year curse’ has only been thrust into the media spotlight this week, given it being Halloween and all.

If this is an elaborate marketing ploy (*cough* which it almost definitely is *cough*) it has undeniably worked for the tiny British store, with news of its ghostly inhabitants travelling around the world.

Either way, you’ve got to admit that B&W footage of some rogue oranges and bananas can be scary.

What do you think, is The Co-operative Food home to ghosts, or some very imaginative employees?