Thousands of people are searching for a serial killer after watching this Netflix show.



Over the weekend I discovered something goddamn amazing on Netflix.

It’s a show called Haunted in which real people sit down with their family and friends and tell them about a paranormal experience they’ve been through.

While they tell their story it’s reenacted by b-grade actors who look like slightly blurry versions of well-known actors, like “If you squint a lil’ that guy kind of looks like Bradley Cooper… in the dark”. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Most of the series is exactly what you’d expect – a man being haunted by a woman in white, a girl who was haunted by a demon etc etc.

But episode two is something else.

In this episode, which is called Slaughterhouse, two sisters named Terrilyn and Sadie share the story of their serial killer dad.

They say in the 1970s they grew up in a secluded home in Upstate New York, which their father named the “slaughterhouse”. Throughout their childhood the sisters say they witnessed their father bring home “strays”, people he met in bars and on the road, and torture and kill them.

They believe he killed hundreds people over his lifetime and had a complete disregard for human life.

The sisters also said their father was abusive and would often be violent towards them, as their mother looked on unmoved.

According to Terrilyn, all of this was done as part of her father’s sacrifice to the devil.

The father died in the early 2000s and Sadie’s son, Jacob, moved into the house. He says it’s plagued by the spirits of the dead… and also the devil.

Jacob explains that his grandfather had collected hundreds of trophies from his victims over the years, which he immediately threw out when he moved in. He also says he’s hesitatant to dig on the property because of the… bodies.

Even more baffling is the fact Jacob is still living in the house despite it allegedly being the scene of hundreds of murders and also a hot spot for the devil.

At the end of the episode, Terrilyn wants to “burn the damn thing to the ground” but Jacob doesn’t want to… move out.

After watching the show, viewers have been left with a whole lot of questions.

For one, if there was really a serial killer in the 1970s who killed hundreds of people, why haven’t we heard about him?

Why would Jacob throw away the evidence?


Have the police actually investigated the sisters’ claims?

An executive producer from the show, Brett-Patrick Jenkins, told one fan they had reported what the sisters told them to the police.

But… but nothing seems to have come of it.

Anywho, the episode has people questioning whether the show is actually based on true stories or whether Netflix is just trolling us all.




If you can get past episode two, the series also has an alien abduction and a very horny ghost. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

You can watch the whole first season of Haunted on Netflix now. 

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