A mum-to-be has asked for advice in dealing with well-wishers during her difficult pregnancy.

Last month, Kim Kardashian made headlines after admitting that pregnancy was the “worst experience” of her life.

Now, another mum-to-be has spoken out about the struggles of her pregnancy – and she is pleading for advice.

The woman, known only as _Pandasaurus_ wrote on Reddit that “being pregnant is miserable.”

hates being pregnant
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"I can't sleep well at all which makes doing everyday things miserable. My MIL wants me to send her a picture of my bump, and others are commenting on it too. I suppose it's partially my fault since I have posted a picture of it on my blog, but I only did it to make other people happy," she added.

"I don't think my bump is cute and no, my skin isn't 'glowing' it's actually peeling no matter what I do. I'm not excited about giving birth, or seeing the baby, as I think newborns are hideous. I'm actually afraid to see what it looks like. I am, however, looking forward to getting it over with.

"How do I let people know this, without coming off as a bitch or ruining their excitement?"

kim kardashian hates being pregnant
Last month, Kim Kardashian made headlines after admitting that pregnancy was the "worst experience" of her life. Image via Getty.

Thankfully, fellow Reddit users offered helpful advice and support instead of judgement.

raiu86 said "When I was feeling like a very grumpy pregnant lady (and wondering WTF I was thinking having a baby), and people asked me "aren't you so excited?!?!" one of the things that cheered me up was answering "mostly I just need to pee all the time". The look on their face was always worth it."

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emiliabeth advised her to "Just be honest, you don't have to pretend to be delighted if you're feeling like complete shite. (BTW, I'm with you there, I feel like arse, too and I'm sorry you're feeling rubbish). I don't [think] a human on earth that could be sleep deprived and puke constantly for 3-5 months without feeling completely miserable."

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And crazy_cat_broad added "I just smile and mumble something like "thanks" with a semi-tepid look. People tend to get the hint."

We hope the rest of her pregnancy is less of a struggle and that she gets the support she needs from the people in her life.

Did you struggle during your pregnancy? How did you cope?

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