'Help. My daughter is about to give birth, but I hate her taste in baby names.'

Naming a baby is a hard task these days, especially when your parents want to pitch in their two cents.

That’s probably why novelist Jane Ellis, 60, suggested a reader “step back” in a Q&A on the Daily Mail, when she was asked how to tell a soon-to-be parent that you are “very concerned” about their taste in baby names.

“The most worrying include Pixie-Rose and Primrose Bean,” the anxious reader, whose daughter is due to give birth in the coming months, told Ellis. “I’ve tried to suggest more sensible names but been told I’m being ‘old-fashioned’. What shall I do?”

Think those are bad? Here are some of the worst baby names of ALL. TIME. Post continues after video…

Ellis’ answer will have mothers right around Australia cheering.


“There are some things you really can’t get involved with, beyond a simple: ‘Oh, really? How nice.’ And names are high on that list.” The grandmother-of-four responded.

“Actually, my taste in names has changed, not just over my lifetime – my preferences even shifted over the time that I was having my children.”

The esteemed writer continued that the names of your grandchildren not being your first preference is a likelihood. “I wouldn’t have chosen any of the names of my grandchildren for my own kids. But it’s impossible now to imagine them being called anything else – and I love them very much, names and all.”

In some ways, I suspect your reaction to this issue is based on wanting to be ultra-involved. Nothing wrong with that, but knowing when to step back is something we grandmothers have to learn very early on.

“You’ll be an invaluable source of advice, support and love, but while you can give support and love unasked, you do have to wait to give advice. Within moments of your grandchild’s birth, her name will seem just as lovely as everything else about her.”

Hear hear, Jane Ellis.

You can read the full exchange here.