With Hatchimals sold out, parents have come up with a genius alternative. 

Interactive toy pets known as Hatchimals are the must-have toy this Christmas. Problem is, they are sold out almost everywhere.

There are Facebook groups devoted to finding and selling the cute toy critters that hatch from a toy egg. They are even been sold on eBay for up to $330 Australian dollars each.

Naturally, parents are freaking out. It is becoming very likely that there will be some disappointed little ones on Christmas morning.

Hoping to preserve the magic of Christmas, a number of parents have gotten creative and written apology letters to their children from Santa Claus.

Listen: Have you felt the pressure of the Christmas wishlist?

Some parents are treating the letters as an IOU, promising that Santa will make a special delivery in January as soon as the toy factory has caught-up with demand.

“Mrs Claus and I understand you asked for a Hatchimal for Christmas,” one letter read. “We are patiently awaiting the [egg’s] arrival expected in January.”

“Upon the egg being laid an elf will deliver the Hatchimal to your home.”

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with teaching kids the importance of patience – especially at Christmas time.

Some parents have decided to turn the Hatchimal shortage into a lesson in animal conservation.

“We are now forming a colony at the North Pole to protect them from their future decline and possible extinction,” another letter read. “Please could you ensure that you help us in protecting this species for its future growth by removing them from your Christmas lists and replacing them [with] something else.”

Let’s just hope that children don’t start comparing their letters from Santa and wondering why he is giving out several different explanations.

“We encourage customers to check their local store for stock availability. Alternatively, customers can look forward to another delivery in store or online at before Christmas,” a Kmart spokesperson told Mamamia earlier this month.

Toys ‘R Us and Big W have also confirmed that they should be getting another shipment before Christmas.

Fingers crossed that as many children as possible find their dream toy under the tree this year.

Feature image via (Instagram/@JemmaForeva)