What marriage advice would you give if you could only use three words?

It’s spring and that means it’s wedding season. My Facebook feed is currently full of hens’ celebration photos: high teas, half-naked waiters and pink Bride-to-Be sashes. So it’s perfect timing for some good and not-so-good marriage advice for those about to take the plunge.

Yesterday a user on Twitter by the name of @midnight asked other tweeters for their #MarriageAdviceIn3Words.

You can bet nobody held back. Not even for a second.

Some of them were based on the latest Ashley Madison hacking scandal. I mean, fair enough.

Others were surprisingly practical. Basically poking fun at the mankind's forgetful nature. With important dates. Like birthdays.

While some people just... get it.

There were also words related to sex (and not getting sex), bathrooms and Netflix. Not that we should be surprised as all three feature prominently in a healthy and happy marriage (RIGHT?).

We've collected them all in the gallery below. You just might take away some helpful tips yourself...

What would be your marriage advice in three words?

TAP on the image below and scroll through the gallery for marriage advice in three words...