FYI: You can now hashtag Emojis.

So this is new…

Instagram has given us so much already.

The ability to stalk people we don’t know on a totally unprecedented level.

Pictures of cats we aren’t really interested in, but feel obliged to pity-like anyway.

A niggling guilt we should be working out way, way, way more than we actually do.


More: Even BARBIE is on Instagram.

And now, they’ve given us even more. Because you can now hashtag an Emoji.

But why, I hear you ask, would a person actually want to hashtag an Emoji?

Because WORDS ARE OUT, PEOPLE. Nobody can be bothered to type a tag full of boring old LETTERS anymore.

Now, if I’d like to see a picture of someone’s brunch, I don’t have to write something boring like #foodporn. I can simply

If I want to see photos of other people’s cats – and I do – I’m sorted.

If I’m looking for something raunchy to pass the time?

Hilariously, the only emoji you can’t hashtag is the eggplant.

Emoji discrimination! It isn’t the eggplant’s fault people associate it with a penis.

#FreeTheEggplant #EndEggplantDiscrimination #JeSuisEggplant

Or, should I say:

What emoji will you be #hashtagging?