The photo that has Beyoncé fans convinced she's already given birth.

It’s been close to four months since Her Majesty Beyonce Knowles-Carter, the Queen of Pop, announced the existence of her twins, and so Baby Beywatch has officially begun.

But could we be too late? Has Beyoncé already ushered five-year-old Blue Ivy’s little siblings into the world?

The eagle-eyed folks over at Manrepeller think so, all because of a single photo.

The snap, shared two days ago to the singer’s Instagram account, shows her embracing little Blue, who is perched atop her bulging belly.


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A belly, they argue, that appears noticeably less bulging than the one shown in photos from Beyoncé’s epic baby shower on May 22.

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Sure, maybe she just had a big lunch that day. It was a party, after all.

But Manrepeller think otherwise; they argue the 35-year-old is already clutching her little ones, and tossed us the latest pic just to throw us off.

Adding to fuel to the flaming conspiracy is the fact Beyoncé’s sister, Solange, last week suddenly cancelled her set at a concert in Boston. The singer later blamed a “scheduling conflict”, which definitely, probably, maybe, means that she was returning to California for the imminent birth of her new nieces and/or nephews.

Then add to that, the fact that the women’s mother, Tina, was spotted at a hospital in Los Angeles around the same time.


I mean, we’re not saying ‘cover up’, but we’re probably going to send some flowers, just in case.

This isn’t the first time Beyonce’s been the subject of pregnancy speculation. When she was expecting her daughter Blue, a bizarre conspiracy theory emerged that she “faked” her pregnancy.

Time to guess the babies’ names. What’s your prediction? Tell us in the comments below.