The heartwarming TV show your soul is crying out for.

We’ve barely cracked 2017 and our screens are already filled with thrillers, dramas and surprisingly violent sitcoms.

There’s no shame in loving a pulse-pumping product but sometimes all you want to do is switch on so you can switch off.

Our television experts Laura Brodnik and Tiffany Dunk put their heads together to pick something that is as relaxing as it is feel-good. After a short rummage in the classics closet, they decided on 2011 dramatic comedy, Hart of Dixie.

Listen to Laura Brodnik and Tiffany Dunk explain why you need to be watching Hart of Dixie.  

Hart Of Dixie follows the life of New York doctor, Zoe Hart, played by Rachel Bilson, as she finds herself uprooted to the small town of Bluebell, Alabama. Zoe soon learns just how different life can be when you’re a new face in an old town.

The show’s dreamy setting, gentle romance and heartwarming themes are the perfect remedy to your 2016 emotional hangover.

Laura compared the town of Bluebell as being like the fictional suburb seen in Gilmore Girls but with a little more southern charm.

“It’s kind of like Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls but on steroids,” she said.

The show may begin with her rather dramatic relocation but soon settles into a softer comedic rhythm.

“She gets there, and finds out the man offering her the job was her father she didn’t know about – he’s dead,” Laura explains.

“This is a show I turn on when I need a warm, comforting TV hug.”

Hart Of Dixie undeniably operates on a quieter level than the modern series but that’s not to discount the complexity of its offerings.

“As great as Rachel Bilson is as the centre of the show, I think the Lemon character blows her out of the water,” Laura said.

“They never have to become best friends. The show is like women don’t always have to like each other and get along and I like that.”

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