The subtle Harry Potter reference you probably missed in Game of Thrones.

If you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan, you may have noticed an uncanny coincidence in last night’s Game of Thrones premiere.

Jim Broadbent, the actor who plays archmaester Ebrose in GoT, also plays Professor Slughorn in the Harry Potter movies.

And in both series he seems to be the overlord of secret and restricted books.

In the first episode of the seventh season of GoT, Samwell Tarly (the former steward of the Night’s Watch who’s now slumming it at The Citadel) is training to become a Maester, so he can learn about the White Walkers.

harry potter reference game thrones
Archmaester Ebrose and Professor Slughorn. Image via HBO and Universal Pictures.

However, the only information about them is hidden in a restricted area in the library and Samwell Tarly has to ask archmaester Ebrose (played by Jim Broadbent) for permission to see it.

Funnily enough, Broadbent acted out pretty much in the same scene in Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. In a flashback scene, Tom Riddle (young Voldemort, played by Frank Dillane) asks Professor Slughorn permission to look in a restricted section of the library to learn about horcruxes.

Yep, they're both called the 'restricted section' and in both scenes Broadbent's characters are a little hesitant about giving Tarly and Riddle access to them.


And if you truly know your Hogwarts from your Westeros, you'll know this isn't the first time there's been a GoT/Potter crossover - there's a whole bunch of Harry Potter alums who have since starred in GoT.

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Natalia Tena played Tonks on Harry Potter and Osha on GoT, David Bradley played Argus Filch and Walder Frey, and Michelle Fairley played both Hermione's mum and Catelyn Stark.

Hopefully we'll see even more of this Harry Potter/GoT mash up.