A woman created a Harry Potter bath bomb and it's been so popular it crashed her website.

You’d be lying if you were to deny eagerly awaiting an acceptance letter from Hogwarts on your 11th birthday, hoping with all your magical might that the letter would be sat in your mailbox/forced through your fireplace/hand delivered from the legendary Hagrid.

I know I’m not alone on this one.

Although I’m still waiting (due to absolute determination) that the mere muggle life is surely not my full destiny, I’m beginning to think this new Harry Potter bath bomb is the closest I’ll ever get to receiving a letter.

But that’s okay with me, because this magical bath bomb is DOWNRIGHT AWESOME and compensates for my lingering 11th birthday disappointment.

Created by Rebecca Lynn, this bath bomb cleverly goes by the name The Sorting Hat Bath Bomb, and if you ask me, is a lot less frightening than the actual irritable Sorting Hat all Hogwarts students had to have placed on their heads.

Instead of nervously sweating as this talking hat mildly harasses you, you can relax amidst the fizzy goodness of a bath bomb.


The Sorting Hat Bath Bomb appears white initially, but once given time to totally fizzle out, the colour green, red, blue or yellow will take over your entire bath. Specifically, green is for Slytherin, red for Griffindor, blue for Ravenclaw and yellow for Hufflepuff.

Possibly even a bit of a stretch for a Harry Potter fangirl like myself, the bath bomb is rather symbolic of the man himself, "the chosen one", Harry Potter. At first, he was just a regular boy, just a boring old bath bomb. But once introduced to the wizarding world, an abundance of colour and magical marvel expanded his world completely.

What a well analysed, definitely intended metaphor, Rebecca.

Mind. Blown. GIPHY

Sadly, the bath bomb is not available at this particular moment in time as Rebecca’s Etsy page is currently down, but considering the amount of attention drawn by this brilliant bath bomb, we hope the site will be resurrected some time soon.

Nevertheless, the bath bomb's colour transformation is absolutely magical and momentous- not at all random- where the colour you get is unquestionably, 200% the house you belong in.

No take backs, people.

What colour are you hoping for?

Feature image via Warner Bros.