Hostage Harriette Denny returned to Martin Place today. This is her story.

Harriette Denny, 30, was a one of the hostages who ran from the cafe in the early hours of Tuesday.

Ms Denny had worked at the chocolate store for about a year, Fairfax Media reports.

Her father Robert Denny was forced to watch Monday’s tragic events from his home on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast – he couldn’t believe it when he saw her run free.


Yesterday, Mr Denny, who runs a café on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, spoke to Fairfax about the first time he spoke to his daughter after her horrible experience.

“I spoke very briefly with Harriette this morning, just asking after her welfare,” he said.

“We didn’t speak about her ordeal. We just wanted to know she was safe and unharmed. She said that she’s safe and well and in a good place, but terribly upset that she’s lost her manager and friend [Tori Johnson].”

Mr Denny and his wife Catalina were extremley distressed about their daughter’s welfare.

Ms Denny returned to Martin Place this morning to pay her respects. She was joined by her fiancé Jorge Bonora and the pair placed flowers on the wall that now surrounds the Lindt café.

Her fiancé spoke on Harriette’s behalf, telling reporters: “They [the hostages] are not going well, it’s going to get worse before it gets better.


“The loss of everything, the whole situation was uncalled for,” he said.

Jorge Bonora and Harriette

Bonora went on to pay his respects to Tori Johnson: “Tori, I wish I knew him better. I used to drop Harriette off sometimes and come and get a chocolate.

“He was a good leader, everyone loved him.”

Born in the Phillipines, Harriette, who is the third of six children, was raised in the Queensland town of Warwrick before moving to the Sunshine Coast with her family.

After graduating from Sunshine Coast University with a degree in International Business Denny moved to Sydney with her fiancee for work.

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