"I road-tested the new brand of natural non-toxic nappies that Hilary Duff swears by."

Happy Little Camper
Thanks to our brand partner, Happy Little Camper

If I were to write a book about parenting it would be called something like 6835 Things I Didn't Know Before I Became A Mum, and up there with learning what "colostrum" is and why zips are better than press studs, it’d be finding out just how many nappies a baby goes through in a week.

If you’re expecting, or just in the planning phase, let me tell you. It is A LOT.

A newborn uses anywhere from eight to 12 nappies a day. A DAY! Mind blowing.

Anyway, I digress already, and I’ll save it for the book.

My baby - now officially a toddler - just turned one, so in my first year of parenting it’s safe to say I trialled and changed a lot of nappies.

The latest I have been trying (well my son Alexander has, not me physically, that’d be weird) are a new brand to Australia, called Happy Little Camper.

You’re about to notice the advertising everywhere, for a few reasons. 

Happy Little Camper: Toddler size. Image: Mamamia/Leigh Campbell. 


Firstly, the face of the brand is Hilary Duff. Big deal. Huge. She actually asked them if she could work with them because she loved the products so much! Very cool back story.

As Hilary, star of TV's Lizzie McGuire and Younger and mother of two, has said, "It’s so rare if not near impossible to find products that are natural and sustainable without sacrificing functionality, which was a big win in my book."

Another reason they're everywhere is because what these nappies are not. They are a proudly natural product, made from 100 percent natural, non-GMO, hypoallergenic cotton.

Some of the other conventional brands can be made with various blends of synthetic materials, toxins, and chemical-laden lotions, but these guys are not.

We’ve been using them in our house for the past few weeks and I was surprised right away by how thin they were. I thought for sure they wouldn't be able to hold much liquid, but I was wrong.

He's a happy little camper. Image: Mamamia/Leigh Campbell. 


I also really like the ‘span’ of the nappies - they have extra coverage around the leg and waist area so you can make sure you secure a snug fit which helps prevent any leaks or...explosions.

Happy Little Camper nappies can also help reduce nappy rash. The natural cotton used is soft on skin while the nappy-core is naturally super-absorbent, to lock in moisture and keep your adorable baby’s butt dry.

They also use organic Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to nourish and soothe, and never add fragrances or use harmful chemicals, which is a big tick for conscious parents.

Keeping dry, little guy. Image: Mamamia/Leigh Campbell. 


Oh, wait, that’s not all. No, you don’t get a set of steak knives when you buy them, but they are better for the environment, too.

Happy Little Camper is committed to sustainably sourced ingredients, earth-friendly manufacturing processes, and packaging made from recycled materials. All for an affordable price and conveniently accessible - you can buy them at Woolies in person or on their website.

I can tell you want to try them, don’t you? I did too after I learned all that good stuff, so I have great news. The brand is very generously running a competition to give away a Custom Cubby House as well as a year's supply of Happy Little Camper nappies.

Visit their website to enter (conditions apply).

Feature image: Happy Little Camper/Leigh Campbell.

Happy Little Camper
We believe using natural baby care products is better for your child’s skin, better for their health, and better for our environment. We’re committed to sustainably-sourced ingredients, earth-friendly manufacturing processes, and packaging made from recycled materials. All for an affordable price and conveniently accessible.