The 50 thoughts that go through every kid's mind on Happy Healthy Harold day.

If you were a kid who went to primary school in Australia, you understand the absolute and total euphoria that comes with seeing the Happy Healthy Harold van. When that thing pulls into the playground, you know it’s going to be the best day of the week. Possibly year. Nothing makes you feel like it’s not a regular school day quite like getting into the back of a dark van with a giraffe puppet.

Here are the 50 thoughts that go through every kid’s mind on Happy Healthy Harold Day:


2. Oh. Now we have to wait all day until every other class goes.

3. I wonder what my mum packed for lunch?

The bringer of so much joy.

4. I hope it’s Dunkeroos.

5. I bet it’s Le Snack though.

6. Ugh. Le Snack.

7. I hope our turn is during long division and not during reading time. I’m up to a really good part in my Goosebumps. I can’t believe Amy still reads Babysitter’s Club. What a loser.

8. ARRGGGHHH it’s our turn!

9. 45 whole minutes out of class! BEST DAY EVER. Like an excursion but at school YEEESSSSSS.

10. Okay. This time, I am DEFINITELY going to catch the Healthy Harold person controlling Harold like a puppet. As IF we don’t know it’s a puppet, duh.

11. We’re going in…

12. I think this is the best day of my life.

13. It’s so dark in here.

14. Please, please, PLEASE let me get picked for something. I want to be the one who switches the stars on.

15. If I sit here, really straight, and put my hand up higher than anyone else, she’ll have to pick me for something.

16. I’ve never wanted anything more than I’ve wanted to be picked for something in the next 45 minutes.

17. The lady is talking about health stuff.

18. Yeah – I get it, I’ve seen the food pyramid 100 times. Bring out Harold.

19. Oh my god. She’s asking someone to point out their lunch on the food pyramid. If I don’t get picked I’ll die! PICK ME! PICK MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

20. I can’t believe she picked Amy.

21. Okay when is that top half of the body coming out where you can see the body parts? There’s so many chances to get picked in that one.

Tears of happiness.

22. There it is. Ewwwwwww.


23. Oh! It’s time for the video where those cool kids fly a spaceship inside a body. Which means…

24. STARS! I’m going to tell mum that I want stars like that on my ceiling for Christmas.

25. They kind of look the same as the stars on the ceiling at Hoyts.

26. Man, Independence Day was a good movie.

27. So was Space Jam.

28. Wait. What is this video? This isn’t the spaceship in the body one. What is this?

29. Oh my god.

30. It’s about sex.

31. This is so embarrassing.

32. Wait, I kind of want to know about that part. At least about kissing. I think Ben wants to kiss me and I kind of want to kiss him but I don’t know how so I just keep telling him his shorts are dumb.

33. They’re not even dumb.

34. All the boys have to wear the same shorts.

35. I can’t look but I really, really want to look.

36. It’s over. Luke is acting like he knew it all anyway but as if he did.

He’s on a skateboard cos he’s down with the kids.

37. Now the lady is doing the Harold puppet thing. Ugh. Doesn’t she know we’re too old for this? I can’t see her arm but I’m 90% sure it’s up Harold’s bum.

38. Haha. Bum.

39. Oh my gosh Luke just asked her if her hand is up Harold’s bum. He’s so embarrassing.

40. I wonder if this is nearly over?

41. I want to see the stars again.

42. Oh here’s robot Harold.

43. Robot Harold is kind of weird looking. Like, as if we believe that’s real.

44. I can’t believe this is nearly over and I didn’t even get picked for anything.

45. Why do they tell us every year to blink when we get out of the van because it’s going to be really bright? Yeah thanks – I’ve only done this every year since Kindy.


47. The day feels weird now. I don’t want to go back to class.

48. Luke is getting in trouble about the bum thing.

49. It was funny though.

50. Ugh. Le Snack.