Hannah Louise Hill was like any other influencer. Except she was running a 'heartless' sugar daddy con.

Online, Hannah Louise Hill was just like any other content creator.

She posted regularly about fashion and beauty, loved getting glammed up for photoshoots, and spruiked various product endorsements. Before her accounts were deleted, she had over 19,000 followers on Instagram, and had half a million views on TikTok.

But behind the scenes, things certainly weren't picture perfect

This week, she has been sentenced to jail.

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Hannah Louise Hill, 27, is from Jersey, an island off the coast of the UK's mainland.

Detectives say Hill conned a "vulnerable man with autism" who she met online, after he began following her accounts.

Hill first made contact with the 36-year-old man via Instagram and asked him: "Want to be my sugar daddy?"

She offered to send him pictures and videos of herself in return for money. Hill repeatedly lied to her victim, the pair exchanging messages back and forth online but never meeting in person. Soon, the messages turned sinister. 

Image: Instagram


Hill told the man that her mother was dying of cancer. She used this con to persuade the man to give her money, despite him having very little to give. He used up his savings and for two weeks fell behind with his rent.

Between March and September 2023, Hill then lied and said her mother had died and that she needed money to attend the funeral in Scotland.

She said she would repay him once the money from her mother's estate was finalised, telling him: "Promise 100 per cent you'll get the money back."

It was all lies. 


Hill managed to swindle approximately $19,000 from the man, per the Jersey Evening Post.

Interestingly, it was the victim's sister who had a feeling something wasn't right. After her brother told her about his newfound 'friendship' online, she began to dig deep into Hill's background.

Via a Facebook scroll, the sister managed to find out that Hill's mother was in fact alive and well. She contacted the authorities and soon enough an investigation was underway, with police coming knocking on Hill's door. 

She was arrested and charged with obtaining by false pretences.

Hill's parents have since repaid her $19,000 debt and her lawyers say she is deeply sorry. Hill also pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity, her defence lawyer saying on her behalf: "She is deeply ashamed and genuinely sorry for her actions. She cannot really understand why she behaved in this way."

Her actions were described by a judge as "mean, manipulative, heartless and greedy", the court ruling that a 10-month jail sentence was the appropriate outcome. 

The victim told the court that he was left feeling isolated after the crime, which the prosecution described as "despicable".

Hill will now serve out her sentence, likely at HM Prison La Moye, the only jail on the island of Jersey. 

Feature Image: Instagram.

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