Hosted a party last night? The 'Hangover Helpers' will deal with the aftermath for you.

Here at The Glow we have done extensive research on hangover action plans. There’s tips on what to eat and drink when you feel a little worse for wear, how to master hangover yoga, and the best tips to disguise one if you have to head out for the day.

But no matter what you do, and regardless of how awful you feel, if you’re the host of a party there’s no cure for the fact you have to clean up the next day.

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Well, until now, that is.

We’d like to introduce you to your new best friends: the Hangover Helpers. These guardian angels come to your house, clean it up, and then cook you breakfast, leaving you plenty of time to reflect on your tequila-fuelled 3am antics:

The idea for Hangover Helpers was born when founder James Hookway and his wife were laying in bed hungover one morning after hosting a house part. The couple dreamt someone would come over to deal with the mess for them (and cook them breakfast).

There were no existing services like this, so they created one in order to help out others who find themselves in the same situation. Based in Perth, Hangover Helpers cater for events ranging from small dinner parties to large weddings.

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On average, the company take two hours to clean up a few indoor rooms, a bathroom and toilet, and usually an outdoor area.

"We have at least two helpers out to every clean and make sure we have the place looking and smelling amazing." Hookway says. (Post continues after gallery.)

The cost of the service depends on your needs, and the site has an in-built calculator to help guide you on an estimate.

Hangover Helpers also gives you a choice of breakfast to kick-start your body's healing process. There's a “Greasy” option (an egg and bacon wrap) and “Green” option (bircher muesli with seasonal fruit) that can be matched with your drink of choice.

Hookway reckons they rate a solid 10 out of 10. "The brekky wrap is our favourite... so good for soaking up all that excess alcohol from the night before," he says.

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Hangover Helpers also offer vouchers, so you can buy the perfect present for the host of the party.

The company dream to expand and go to new areas across Australia.  I suggest a crowdfunding campaign to get these guys nationwide — anyone with me?

You can checkout Hangover Helpers on Facebook, Instagram or on their website.

What's your go-to hangover helper?