The easiest way to help homeless people - from your own home.


Do you ever wonder how lucky kids are these days? It’s tempting to give them lectures about eating their vegetables because kids are starving, or appreciate the myriad of toys, games and clothes many children are given. But if you really want to find a way to help your kids develop gratitude, empathy and generosity, Kids in Philanthropy has the answers.

This organisation empowers kids to help other disadvantaged kids in Australia, through acts of giving, fundraising developed and led by children, workshops and experiential lessons that let kids put themselves in the shoes of others far less fortunate.

The mission of Kids in Philanthropy is to create a fund to teach children the art and skill of giving. Children from the ages of five to 18 years are encouraged to participate in our programmes along with their families, inclusive of siblings, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. Through our workshops and events, we offer opportunities for knowledge-sharing, friendship, encouraging a spirit of sharing and cultural exchange. The ultimate aim is to forge stronger relationships between the children irrespective of their socio-economic backgrounds.

One of the important issues that Kids in Philanthropy supports is youth homelessness. There are 105,000 homeless people in Australia every night, and around 28,000 are children under the age of 18. Many couch surf, sleep in motels or cars due to family violence, financial instability and parental neglect. To give kids an opportunity to learn about youth homelessness in Australia in a way that is engaging, fun and interactive, Kids in Philanthropy is this year launching Hangout for the Homeless at Home. Planned for September 20, this fun event is a DIY sleepover for kids, families and friends to host and participate in a sleepover that raises money for Whitelion, a wonderful charity that supports kids on the streets.

Families register online and then raise funds for Whitelion’s NOSH Van, an outreach and support van that distributes meals and material aid for young people on the streets who literally have nowhere else to go:

The Nosh Van.

Participants of Hangout will receive an information pack with games, activities and resources that will give kids a child friendly understanding of homelessness.

Sign up today to receive your pack and have fun hosting friends for this important cause.

Visit the Hang out at home website here to register your family or email [email protected] for more information.

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