A handwriting expert's dramatic conclusion about the JonBenet Ramsey ransom note.

A handwriting expert claims it is “highly probable” a ransom note that was found by the body of six-year-old beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey in December 1996 was written by her mother.

Cina Wong, an expert in handwriting, will appear on a ABC’s 20/20 on Sunday night in the USA which will examine and discuss the case 20 years after it first gripped the world and JonBenet was found dead.

In a preview for the episode, Wong says she spent three weeks examining the ransom note left in the Ramsey case for nearly three weeks. She believes after examining 100 examples of Patsy’s handwriting, there were over 200 similarities between the ransom note and parts of Patsy’s writing.

“It’s highly probable that she wrote the ransom note,” Ms Wong told the program.


"It's highly probable that she wrote the ransom note," Ms Wong told the program. Image via ABC 20/20.[/img_caption]

She went on to explain that there were certain letters that were formed in such a way that she believes Patsy was the one who probably wrote the note.

“You will see that just with the a's, the ransom note writer has four different variations of the letter,” Wong said.

“And then Patsy Ramsey uses the same variation of the four different types of a's.”

Additionally, she believes the unique way the "t" and "e" were looped together pointed towards Patsy's writing.

The handwriting in question. Image via ABC 20/20.

In her testimony back in December of 1996, Patsy said she initially realised her daughter was missing after finding the ransom note on the kitchen staircase. It was two-and-a-half-pages and demanded $118,000 for her safe return. Coincidentally, it was believed the amount was almost the exact value of a bonus her husband had received earlier that year.

The program will also feature an interview with grand juror who presided over the case, who anonymously claims the jury voted to indict Patsy and her husband, John, on charges related to the murder of their daughter.

Despite this, the prosecutor at the time disagreed and decided not to follow through with the jury's recommendation.

Still, the juror did not believe the Ramseys would have been convicted had they gone to trial. But when asked if, based on the evidence presented, he felt he knew who killed JonBenet Ramsey, the juror responded: "I highly suspect I do."

After 12 years of defending their reputation and innocence following their daughter's death, John and Patsy Ramsey were cleared in the death by the Boulder District Attorney's office based on DNA evidence collected from their late daughter's clothing. It came two years after Patsy's death at age 49 from ovarian cancer.

But asked if the case had gone to trial, did he believe that the Ramseys would be convicted, the juror answered “no”.

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