Rejoice: the hands-free hair dryer has arrived

Image: Refinery 29

Wrangling a hair dryer in one hand while attempting to smooth/wave/volume-inise with some other styling tool in the other is one of those fine grooming arts I’ve just never been able to conquer.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve managed to get hair ensnared in the nozzle of my dryer (yep, it bloody hurts) and/or smacked myself in the face with a brush because the hand-eye-coordination required for simultaneous drying and styling is just not in my DNA.

Fellow styling-incompetent ladies, now is our time to rejoice: the hair tool that’s caused us so much heartbreak just got simpler. Kiss goodbye to your stressful morning hair routine and say hello to the hands-free hair dryer.

See, Emma Stone gets it.

The hands-free hair dryer looks a little something like this:

The hands free hairdryer is here!
Image: Calista Tools

Basically, this magical contraption works like a personal wind machine, leaving your hands totally free to re-enact your favourite scenes from Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart video...

Or pretend, just for a moment, that you're actually Celine Dion...

Or just make your hair look good, which is, I assume, the intended purpose. (It could probably double as a mini-heater in winter if your house isn't well insulated, just putting it out there...)

The device, which retails for upwards of $150, sits upright and can be adjusted to your desired height and heat levels. Then, you position yourself in the air stream and move your head around so that all those hard-to-reach spots at the back  get some drying action too. It sounds like it could be quite relaxing first thing in the morning, unless you hate the feeling of wind blowing directly in your face - in which case it'll probably make you squirm.

Because you obviously want to see how a hands-free hairdryer works, here's a video of Refinery 29 staffer Vanessa giving it a whirl.

So, there it is. If all you can think right now is 'Shut up and take my money', you can order the Calista Tools dryer here.

What do you think - greatest invention ever, or greatest invention ever?

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