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1. Doctors warn against hand sanitisers after three-year-old is hospitalised.

Doctors have warned parents of the dangers of leaving your children with hand sanitiser, after a three year old was rushed to hospital after consuming the substance.

After drinking at least 55 ml of the alcohol-based hand sanitiser, the toddler was rushed to Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital with alcohol poisoning.

hand sanitiser dangers
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The Age reports the child had a blood-alcohol reading equivalent to five times the legal driving limit.

“The Victorian Poisons Information Centre received a total of 15,729 calls in 2013 relating to children aged under five years, and reported that topical antiseptics/hand sanitisers was the fifth most frequent source of poison to which this age group was exposed,” Dr Michael Barrett and Associate Professor Franz Babl wrote in the Medical Journal of Australia.

Dr Barrett and Mr Babl suggest labels should contain a warning for parents with young children.

2. Nick Kyrgios fans cover themselves in vegemite.

Fans of Australian tennis champion Nick Kyrgios have expressed their adoration for the athlete in a rather unconventional way: by painting their faces with Vegemite.

The trend started after a fan said he would cover his face in the spread if Kyrgios replied to his Facebook message.

After Kyrgios replied – the fan followed up on his promise.

Image: Facebook.

After Kyrgios posted the image to his Facebook page other fans have jumped on the trend, painting their faces with various condiments to show their support.

Others have criticised the trend, with commenters asking pointing out that the move echoes the racist practice of ‘blackface‘.

3. Women spend over five months of their lives choosing what to wear.

A study has found women between the ages of 18 and 65 are spending an incredible amount of time each week decided on an outfit.

hand sanitiser dangers
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Mail Online reports women spend 90 minutes each week — five months over the course of their working lives — choosing what to wear.

The study also found that 54 per cent of women plan their outfits the night before work, with 45 per cent stating this decision was stressful.

The study of 2,000 was conducted by uniform brand Simon Jersey.

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4. Children’s medicines recalled over “choking hazard”.

Australian medicine wholesaler Symbion has recalled three children’s medicines from brands Pharmacy Choice and Chemmart.

The medicines present a choking hazard for kids, as the bottle grooves that secure the lids on these products could break off during opening.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration has identified the medicines as Chemmart Ibuprofen Children’s Suspension (6 months – 12 years), Pharmacy Choice Ibuprofen Children’s Suspension (6 months – 12 years), Chemmart Children’s Paracetamol 6 – 12 Years Concentrated.

Images via TGA.

The affected batch numbers:

  • Chemmart Ibuprofen Children’s Suspension (6 months – 12 years):

    • IA50030 (expiry date: 06/2017)
    • IA45163 (expiry date: 05/2017)
  • Chemmart Children’s Paracetamol 6 – 12 Years Concentrated:

    • IA45031 (expiry date: 10/2016)
  • Pharmacy Choice Ibuprofen Children’s Suspension (6 months – 12 years):

    • IA50026 (expiry date: 06/2017)

    • IA50044 (expiry date: 06/2017)

    • IA45162 (expiry date: 05/2017).

For more information, please see this site.

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5. Twin sisters have babies on the same day.

Twin sisters from Wales have each given birth to their babies on the same day.

Katie Bowden and Amy Meredith-Dabies, 30, gave birth to their kids on June 10.

Photo: (Facebook/Amy Meredith-Davies)

Stranger still, June 10 is Amy’s birthday — as she was born just after midnight, following Katie’s birth on June 9.

Katie gave birth to a daughter named Ella at 5.38am, while Amy delivered a son at 11.15pm. reports neither twin knew the other was trying to get pregnant.

6. Concerned citizen pulls over drunk driver and takes her keys.

A drunk driver was stopped in her tracks by a fellow motorist in Queensland over the weekend.

According to the Herald Sun, the 46-year-old woman was driving so terribly that a person noticed her poor driving, pulled her over and confiscated her car keys.

hand sanitiser dangers
Image: iStock.

The caring citizen allegedly flashed the car lights at the drunk driver who proceeded to pull over.

When police arrived the woman was having trouble walking and unsuccessfully attempted to flee the scene. Her blood alcohol level was recorded as four times the legal limit.

She will appear in Frankston Magistrates’ Court on October 19.

7. Tony Abbott invites public to share their thoughts on recognising Indigenous Australians.

The Prime Minister has announced the government will hold community consultations later this year on the subject of constitutional recognition of Indigenous Australians.

ABC News reports Tony Abbott attended a summit with Indigenous leaders in Sydney today, and said engaging with the public was the next step toward recognition.

“I am confident that the time is right, I think that there is an abundance of goodwill, I think that we are good enough, big enough and brave enough to do this, but it is important that we get it right and that’s what today’s process is all about,” he said.

Mr Abbott hopes the wording for the referendum will be finalised next year, for a vote in 2017.

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