Hamish Blake has started a touching project to chronicle Sonny growing up.

Hamish Blake, one half of Australia’s most famous radio duo and father of our nation’s mascot, has revealed on radio the ingenious way he seeks to capture his three-year-old son’s growth.

On Friday afternoon’s Hamish and Andy Show, Blake said he is “very into” capturing short-term toddler milestones that he believes will pay off in the long run. Of note is his desire to capture – day-by-day – how Sonny’s handwriting (and signature) evolves as he learns how to write.

“I got very into the sentimental milestone seed planting for Sonny who is now three,” Blake told fill-in co-host Ed Kavalee while Andy Lee was on leave.

“I get a bit excited thinking about what we can do now that long term will pay off and will be super sentimental.”

And so, the handwriting project was born.

“About three or four months ago it occurred to us he could see his name and he could pick up a crayon and make a pretty close approximation. Certainly [he could form parts] of the S, he can do the O, can’t do the Ns and is terrible at the Y. But he is getting closer and closer.

“So it occurred to me one day he will be able to write his own name even though he can’t now, and I thought, ‘how do I capture the progression?'”


It was then Blake found the best way to capture the evolution of Sonny’s handwriting thanks to a Sharpie, some index cards and a camera.

“So I went and bought a deck of 500 index cards, got Sharpie, and every week we sit down…and whatever little scribble he makes we will file away. Over time, I can film them and put them together and hopefully the squiggles show the evolution of his handwriting.”

However, like all long-term investments of this kind, the radio host acknowledges it takes quite significant effort.

“I love the idea, I’ve lost a bit of gas for the idea but I will try to keep it up.”

And with a second child on the way, only time will tell if his enthusiasm wanes.

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