Hamish Blake just had the beauty disaster of our worst nightmares, thanks to Sonny.

Two weeks ago, Hamish Blake entered the sacred world of fake tanning. He was instantly obsessed. (Welcome to the club, Hame).

But things have gone downhill very, very quickly for the bronzed-up convert, with the popular radio host revealing he had a big beauty mishap that every girl who’s ever been coated in fake tan knows all too well.


Yes, Hamish’s fake tan was ruined. By his two-and-a-half year old son, no less.

Talking to his co-host Andy Lee, Hamish revealed his disappointment that his latest tan was “too light” and “not as dark” as his previous sprays.

Hamish's first tan went off without a hitch. Image via Instagram.

"When you get a spray have to leave it on your skin for two or three hours," Hamish explained to his spray-tan amateur co-host.

"I got the spray tan at 5:30. Sonny has his bath at 6 o'clock. I'm about to go on the road for a week, so that was my last bath time with before I go away."

Hamish was worried about the potential for little Sonny's splashes to ruin his glorious new look, so he turned to wife Zoe Foster-Blake for help.

When I first started @gotoskincare I never dreamed that one day we would be providing corporate sponsorship for the @hamishandandy show, but today that absolutely non-dream unfortunately came true by force when Hamish asked me if Go-To would sponsor Layla's Loot Shoot, a segment he devised in which he wears a chicken suit and manually pushes out an egg, which either contains the prize of beer or $1000. Clearly, this was a PERFECT fit for a cute, natural skin care line, and I couldn't be happier or more regretful to have been part of it all, or expose my son to his father sexy-dancing to hardcore rap as a man-chicken mutant beast. Can't wait to tell the team about this great investment!!! #business #bosslife #marketing #brandalignment #layla #gotoskincare

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"I said to Zo, "Honey, you have to do bath time...I can't get wet!' I'm completely bronzed, I'm a walking tera cotta man," he laughed.

"Zo was like, 'No, you gotta do it, I'm busy. Just put rubber gloves on, lots of women do that!'"


Ah, Zoe, where would we be without your genius beauty hacks?

"Sonny can smell the spray tan and I don't even know how to explain this...He's going, 'Daddy's got his sunscreen on'. I said, 'Yeah, sort of, Daddy has special paint on...You can't be splashing!'"

Unfortunately for Hamish, Sonny didn't quite get the concept of "no splashing near daddy's special tan"...that could very well have a lot to do with the fact that he is a BABY and everyone knows that babies DO NOT play by the rules.

Hamish blamed Sonny's bad behaviour (and by bad, we mean, completely normal bath time behaviour) on the fact that his "white-skinned" son was obviously "jealous".

The radio star was left with "dribbles" all over his chest, which meant he had to have an early shower to wash the tan off - something you're not supposed to do until the tan has dried for about four hours.

Hamish was left with a "diminished" tan, and is now worried that fans will be "let down" by his lack of bronzing.

Don't worry, Hamish, we've all had a fake tan disaster. At least you didn't go the other way, and have a Ross Geller-style tan meltdown.