What Sonny thinks dad Hamish Blake does for work is pretty adorable.

Explaining what you do to kids can be a hard thing to do, especially when they’re toddlers and operate on a limited vocabulary.

And according to comedian, radio and TV presenter Hamish Blake, it’s a predicament he and his wife skincare guru Zoe Foster Blake are currently going through with their young boy, Sonny.

The coolest, baddest, biker baby around. Source: Instagram.

Speaking to Kate Waterhouse in an interview for her self-titled website, Blake admitted that he and co-star Andy Lee use the term "work" for the fun that they have on the radio waves very loosely.

He then added, "Sonny, my little boy, essentially he has no idea what we do, except for a few times when he has come to the show, I’ll get a headphone cord and I’ll tuck it down the back of my pants and he will go, “Oh, tail”."

In addition to loving animals, it seems Sonny is also partial to a boogie. Post continues after video... 

Having just turned two in May, having a parent with a tail has surely got to be every toddler's dream. It means you're practically Possum Magic.

I mean, being the sole heir to a skincare company and having parents that dominate TV, digital media and radio is good and all... but an actual tail? Now there's something you can really crow about at daycare.

hamish blake sonny

Dad time = adventure time! Source: Instagram.

Blake continued, saying that the "tail" is something he's taken home from work with him, turning it into a game with his insanely adorable son.

"Now when we play that game at home, with a dressing gown cord, he yells out, “Daddy working”. He thinks what I do at work is run around with a tail, which when I think about it, is not that different than what I do do at work."

We'll give you a second to scoop your melted hearts up off the floor.

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