Hamish Blake explains why he shares pictures of Sonny on Instagram.

There’s no doubt that Sonny Blake is one of the most loved toddlers on Instagram.

Now his famous dad, Hamish Blake, 33, has revealed why he and his wife, Zoe Foster Blake, 35, decided to share pictures of their adorable little boy on social media to begin with.

Blake told, “We are his parents, we think he’s super cute, we’re not trying to make him famous, and I’m not going to try and overly hide him because I feel like it’s normal to share a funny moment of him growing up.”

Sonny Blake. Image via Instagram.

“He’s a little champion, we’re certainly not the first parents to put a child on Instagram. I suppose it’s just the function of Instagram, like anyone else, you put stuff up that you find amusing day-to-day and because a lot of our day is hanging out with Sonny, naturally that’s where a lot of our laughs come from these days," he continued.

Hamish Blake and his son Sonny. Image via Instagram.

And when it comes to snapping pictures of the little guy, Blake explains it's easy for him to fill up his phone with pictures.

“We probably have 10,000 to 20,000 photos of Sonny and that’s not weird by any stretch. Every other parent with a one-year-old I would think would say the same thing," Blake said.

Zoe Foster Blake and her son Sonny. Image via Instagram.

Yet it's not constantly fun and games for Blake who shared that he does have fears, just like every other parent.

Blake told The Fix, "Every day you're just constantly scared. Then you figure out that being a parent is just learning to live with that background fear all the time."

Hamish Blake and his son Sonny. Image via Instagram.

And Blake certainly isn't going out every Saturday night and partying it up since he became a dad.

"When you have kids, the thought of getting hammered on a Saturday and waking up on Monday to try and shake it off and do a radio show, well, that's just not going to happen. I'm just doing that thing where you become a dad and you state all the clichés, but you do lose a lot of that spontaneity out of your life, but of course, it's worth it," he said.

Zoe Foster Blake and her son Sonny. Image via Instagram.

Blake also finally answered the question we've all been wanting the answer to. Will there be any more kids coming along?

"We have no idea. We're certainly not those people that go into it going, 'We're going to have 500 kids'. At the moment, it's just that we're trying to enjoy the stage that we're at [with Sonny] because we know it won't last forever," Blake said.

We certainly can't argue with that.

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