Hamish Blake just spilled a tonne of behind-the-scenes secrets from The Bachelor. And they're juicy.

If you missed it: Hamish Blake crashed the Bachelor Mansion.

Yep, the comedian and radio host made a *surprise* entry on the TV show as a toddler.

Hamish turned up as a toddler and proceeded to ruin/make 100x better an ordinary single date between Richie and Faith.

Speaking on daily Hamish and Andy podcast, Hamish gave us some of the most real chat about what’s happening behind the scenes.

The women would get excited about anything. Literally.

So, as viewers of The Bachelor, it would seem pretty obvious why the contestants would be so keen on Richie.

Just look:

Yep, we'd be keen to have single dates with Richie, as well. 

But, Hamish says that literally ANYTHING would have them screaming with excitement after being stuck in the prison.

"Those girls, because they have no phones, no internet - when I walked in the room, by the sheer fact I was something they hadn't seen before - it went ballistic," Hamish said.

"You could have been in a bear suit. I could have just dragged in just an old lump of clay and they would have gone wild over it. They're so starved of anything."

Hamish knew who the final six were.

It was back in April that Hamish crashed the Bachie pad, and so he technically knew who the final six were.

Except, he honestly didn't remember their faces.

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When he got back from filming and his wonderful wife, Zoe Foster-Blake, wanted to know who they were, he honestly couldn't tell her anything.


They have no connection to the outside world.

In what Hamish describes as a "high glamour school camp/prison", he says the contestants have barely any contact to anything outside.


Hamish being very creepy. Image via Channel 10.

They are allowed one supervised phone call once a week...maybe.

So, when he went into the two-storey place he joked that half of China had been destroyed by a volcanic eruption.

And all the girls believed him.

The cameras are one metre from them during dates.

We knew the cameras were always going to be close, but not SO close.

Andy seems in genuine disbelief that you could maintain any sort of intimacy with someone with people watching you the whole time.

"Cameras are always there. Somehow they have gotten used to the metre away," Hamish says.

But, as soon as the cameras are turned off, Richie and the girls are split.

Check out who is left on The Bachelor. (Post continues after gallery.)

Anytime they had to switch the cameras off during the date between Richie and Faith, the two were separated.

It seems crazy, but as Hamish rightly points out, what if one of them drops a bombshell and there was no recording.

What if Richie got down on one knee and they missed it???

Biggest. Scandal. Ever.

The girls might look gorgeous, but their rooms are gross.

Yeah, actually, no surprises there.

Most women would be able to testify they can walk out of their place looking a million dollars but their room/bathroom likes like a mini-explosion.

"Some of the rooms are absolute pig sties," Hamish says.

On the more aesthetic side, there is one whole room dedicated to make-up and their fashion.

Oh, and all their dresses are given to them.

The fakest thing there isn't Richie or the women...

If you're standing, sit yourself down.

If you're in public, put your sunglasses on to cover any tears.

Because, what Hamish revealed to us is truly heartbreaking:



You think this looks pretty:


The flowers are, too.

Nothing else can describe it but this:

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