Hamish Blake's tribute to Zoe Foster Blake for International Women's Day is heaven.

Image: Instagram/@zotheysay.

Today is March 8, which — as you’re probably aware — just so happens to be International Women’s Day.

It’s the perfect opportunity for all of us to reflect on the strength and achievements of womankind, and to thank and cherish the brilliant ladies in our lives. And Hamish Blake is all over it.

Earlier this morning the Aussie comedian posted a tribute to his “always brilliant” wife, Zoe Foster Blake, on Instagram.


Using a Flipagram video, Hamish illustrated Zoe’s many virtues and talents by depicting the various “hats” she wears in life — including ‘Biz Genius’, ‘#1 Mum’, ‘Best Friend’, ‘Boss’ and ‘Napper’. He rounded it off by dubbing her his ‘#1 Hero’.

We’ve said it before, and we’ve said it again: Hamish and Zoe win at social media. Watch: Aussie celebrities share the best advice their wonderful mums gave them. (Post continues after video.)

Although we have just one question: Is Zoe wearing Woody’s hat from Toy Story? It certainly looks like it.

The even more wonderful thing is that Hamish’s tribute was that he also took a moment to tip his hat (ahem) to women everywhere. (Post continues after gallery.)

“Here’s to the billions of women worldwide, wearing trillions of hats,” he wrote, adding, “(This post was NOT sponsored by any global hat companies although I am open to offers).”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. Happy International Women’s Day!

Who are the women you’d like to pay tribute to today?