Hamish Blake just rowed 42km. In a Santa suit.



It’s very difficult not to love comedian, Hamish Blake (one half of tv and radio duo Hamish and Andy).

Today, Hamish Blake has given us one more reason to love him.

He just rowed 42 kilometres in this blistering heat on rowing machine (and in a Santa suit, no less), to raise money for the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.


 Hamish. Rowing. Love.

It started off as a joke/dare/stupid choice of words from his good mates.

“I think I might have accidentally said something along the lines of, ‘I think it’s possible,’ and unfortunately in my circle of friends, if you’re dumb enough to say something like that you’re immediately forced to prove it,” Hamish said.

Hamish, who is aiming to raise $42,000, has dubbed his charity event the Row-Ho-Ho, and is apparently dreading the experience.

The dreaded “Row Ho Ho”

“I think without the guilt factor there, knowing that if I was giving up I would literally be stealing food off people’s tables who really deserve to have a good Christmas meal, without that factor I’d probably give up,” he said.


So how does one prepare for what Hamish describes as the most “un-fun” activity ever?

“I’m in a serious carbohydrate loading phase … alternating between spaghetti bolognaise and spaghetti carbonara,” he said.

#support from Sonny.

This morning, Hamish’s author wife Zoe Foster posted to Instagram with an encouraging message for her hubby.

The excited but mildly nervous expression of a brave chap about to row 42kms on an indoor rower to raise money for the Salvos. He is gonna smash it!! Or no TV for a week. #rowhoho @hamishblakeshotz #smashit”

Hamish Blake looking… not so terrified.

At 12.27pm, Hamish finished the course. It took him an impressive 2hrs 58mins 26secs.

And he (almost) got a high-5 at the end. Worth it.

C’mon Sonny!

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