Hamish and Zoe. Sonny. Santorini. IT'S TOO MUCH.


Zoe Foster Blake has made us jealous.


Zoe and her husband, our beloved Hamish Blake, have posted some photos of their holiday in Greece on Instagram.

And they couldn’t be cuter.

Let’s start with one of Hamish and baby Sonny.

AWWWWW. And how about Zoe?

SIGH. And then there’s little baby Sonny, three months old, and already a world traveller.

STOP IT, BABY. Zoe said on her Instagram that she’s a “fantorini of Santorini”.

And just in case you weren’t already checking flight prices, here is one more pic of their view.

UGH. Have fun, guys. Wish we were there. Seriously.

Sonny Blake has achieved a lot of cuteness in his three months: