Why did Liz Hayes call Hamish Blake a "smug son of a b*tch"?

Move over, Gold Logie. Hamish Blake has a new career highlight.

It’s been a busy week for Hamish Blake. After returning to the drive show across the Austereo network on Monday, Blake is set to appear on this Sunday’s episode of 60 Minutes and has revealed an amazing fake promo to go with it. In it, reporter Liz Hayes calls Blake a “smug son of a bitch.”

Meanwhile: Andy Lee has been melting hearts with the story about how he met his partner.

Hamish Blake will be appearing on 60 Minutes this Sunday night in a story about some amazing Aussie veterans.

hamish blake 60 minutes
Hamish in Italy.

Hamish recently embarked on a gruelling 3 day cycling event in Italy to raise funds for Soldier On, an organisation which helps Australia’s physically and psychologically wounded soldiers.

After filming the interview, Blake asked Liz Hayes if she could record the promo he’s always dreamed of seeing on 60 Minutes. Unsurprisingly, hilarity ensued.

Watch the video here. Post continues below.

Video via Channel 9

It’s not the first time Hamish has committed himself to a physical feat for charity. In December, he rowed 42 kilometres in a Santa Suit to raise money for the Salvation Army Christmas Appeal.

Click through the gallery for more on Hamish Blake, his wife Zoë Foster-Blake and their adorable son, Sonny. 


Will you watch the Hamish Blake 60 Minutes special this Sunday night?

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