We finally have our first look at Hamish and Andy's new TV show.

Nothing quite says ‘Straya like a good ‘ol yarn.

Right up there with thongs, a Bunning’s snag and lamb chops on the barbie, everyone has that friend/relative who is always ready to whip out a long-winded tale so unbelievable, it must be entirely true.

Now, Australia’s favourite comedy duo, Hamish and Andy are set to shine the spotlight on great Australian stories in their new TV venture, True Story.

Airing a sneak peak during Chanel Nine’s broadcast of the Logies, the premise of the pair’s new show is simple.

Everyday Aussies like you and me sit down for a chin-wag, dishing out their best crowd-pleasing real life stories, which are then brought to life by some of the countries most-loved actors, like Craig McLachlan, Kat Stewart and Steven Curry.

It’s the kind of stuff even the best fiction writers couldn’t dream up, mainly because the best stories are almost always based on truth.

Down to earth, relatable and predictably hilarious, we’ve come to expect nothing less from the boys who brought us Gap Years from America, Europe, Asia and South America.

After seeing the promo, I guess we can forgive Hamish and Andy for abandoning us on the drive home.

Laura Brodnik, Holly Wainwright and Monique Bowley bring you the cheats guide to what everyone is talking about (post continues after audio).

Get the popcorn ready, True Story with Hamish and Andy is set to hit lounge rooms everywhere on Chanel Nine soon.

What was your favourite Logies moment?