Zoe and Hamish Blake went to a Downton Abbey themed party. Did not disappoint.

When beauty queen/boss lady Zoe Foster Blake and her funnyman husband Hamish do something, they’re gonna do it 100 percent.

So what do you get when you add The Ultimate Power Couple + one fancy dress party? Unadulterated perfection, of course.

Zoe and Hamish recently appeared on Have You Been Paying Attention together, and were expectedly hilarious. (Post continues…)

Video via Channel 10

Over the weekend the duo attended Justine Cullen’s 40th birthday party (for those who don’t run in the #fashun circles, she’s the editor of Elle Australia… ). And BOY, did it look like a party. Adopting the theme of Downton Abbey, there were ample wigs and glittery costumes and alcohol and all of the snazzy things you’d expect a mag editor to deliver on.

Unsurprisingly, Zoe and Hamish’s outfits did not disappoint.

As Zoe aptly put it, her radio host hubby resembled “a bad mutation of Harry Potter, Austin Powers and a colourful racing identity”. Meanwhile, donned in a platinum blonde wig and a violet gown, the Go To founder looked every bit the ol’ fashioned lay-dee.


I know… that hot pink leopard blazer on Hamish. Just… just… what even.

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So, people, what have we learned today?

Zoe Foster Blake is great at dressing herself up in fancy clothes. But when it comes to dressing her husband? Not so much.

Click through the gallery of Justine Cullen’s fabulous 40th birthday party below.