All the best moments from Zoe and Hamish Blake on Have You Been Paying Attention.

Ah, Hamish and Zoe. Possibly (definitely) this century’s best, funniest, glowiest, most successful power couple.

If you were clever enough to tune into Have You Been Paying Attention last night, you would’ve seen Hamish tackle what happened in pop culture this week. And for one particularly marvellous, radiant-skin-filled segment, you would’ve watched Zoe as the celebrity guest. AND THE CELEBY COUPLEY MARRIAGEY DYNAMO ACTION WAS EVERYTHING YOU COULD DREAM OF AND MORE.

Before we get any further though, you guys, we simply must talk about Zoe’s skin. Her dewy, perfect, awe-inspiring complexion. It’s just… it’s just…

Yep, that's pretty much how I'd describe it, Zo.

ANYWAY, before I make you all think I'm some creepy, complexion-obsessed stalker (I kinda am), let's run through the couple's very best moments from last night.

1. The moment they forgot to bring Sonny.

Obviously, the first question the pair was asked was along the lines of "Where is your hopelessly adorable, chubby-cheeked cherub offspring?"

I love these two... but imagine the pure wizardry that would've taken over Sunday night television if the entire Foster-Blake family was on our screens. I think we'd have a case of spontaneous combustion at my work desk.

2. Hamish's 'request' for Zoe to cheat.

"Now we don't want you playing favourites or giving me the correct answers... *wink*."

Yep... good luck with that one, mate.

3. Their unorthodox relationship, err... arrangement.

Cue Sam Pang: "Zoe, what's it like being married to Hamish and Andy?"

Zoe: "Gosh I'm a lucky girl." #lel

4. Hamish's schmoozing.

Zoe: "A University of Queensland study has shown that fish can recognise what?"
Hamish: "Your beauty when underwater."... Unsurprisingly, that didn't get the response Hamish was after.

Never change, you two. Never change.

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