Zoe Foster Blake shares what Hamish is really like as a dad and husband behind the scenes.

In the lead up to their flagship show, True Story, Hamish Blake and Andy Lee have shared the true stories of how they found love with their respective partners Zoe Foster Blake and Rebecca Harding on 60 Minutes.

Of course Foster Blake, a wildly successful author and columnist in her own right, has long been on the public’s radar. Harding, a public relations executive and model, less so.

Still, appetite for information about both relationships has been insatiable since their inception. Despite Instagram pages being adorned with selfies and tiny anecdotes, what we see and hear from two of Australia’s most famous couples has been carefully curated.

Speaking to presenter Liz Hayes, we learned more about Hamish and Zoe, and Andy and Rebecca, than we ever have before.


It just so turns out Zoe met Hamish and Andy at the same time – at an event – which prompted Liz to playfully ask, “Why Hamish, why not Andy?”

“Our sense of humour is very similar, as soon as we started talking I thought ‘He’s funny’,” Zoe, who is expecting her second child with the comedian later this year, replied.

But it was the entrepreneur’s very-personal description of her husband – the man we feel we know, but really don’t – that had the most impact.

“He’s my muse, he’s my business adviser, he’s my creative support, my sounding board, he’s a beautiful dad and husband, he’s my best friend… and I probably don’t say it to [him] enough, but I say it to everyone else.”

Another dimension to Hamish, is his relatively new life as a dad; a change he says greatly changed his behaviour not only at home, but at work too.”

“There’s just a lot of stuff that I wouldn’t be doing now that I’m a dad,” he told Liz. “Not that I was particularly blasé about my life and personal safety, but it just changes [when you’re a dad].”

In an extra snippet uploaded by Channel Nine, the duo also mused about the impact of a second baby.

“I’m curious to see how this will go. I think it’s been great having one and managing that has been beautiful with the three of us, but I know this will throw us out quite a lot,” Zoe said.

For Hamish, fatherhood is by far his most important job.

“When Sonny arrived, I just instantly went ‘Alright, if I’m a dad, and that’s all I do for the rest of my life, I’ll be rapped. I just expect the same thing to happen with number two, I’m just looking forward to falling in love.”


As for Rebecca, she met Andy when she was a uni student working at a cafe, a decade his junior.

“I’d just witnessed two customers complaining about her,” Andy laughed to the camera.

“I spent too much time talking to customers!” Rebecca laughed. “… I just didn’t know what [they] wanted for breakfast.”

Yet even when Andy asked her on a date, she was hesitant.

“He hadn’t had a girlfriend in a while,” the millennial explained. “He was Cleo Bachelor of the year, I thought he was a bit of a sleaze bag maybe?”

“He’s a bit sweeter than I was actually picturing… He’s a very sweet, kind, generous person,” she said.


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