The radio host who claimed Hamish and Andy stole his idea has changed his tune.

Nova radio host David ‘Luttsy’ Lutteral is probably wishing he hadn’t been so brazen in claiming Hamish Blake and Andy Lee had stolen the idea for their new show True Story from him.

In fact, the presenter on Brisbane breakfast show Ash, Kip and Luttsy has apologised for making the accusation, conceding that the comedy duo came up with the idea independent of him.

On air on Monday, Luttsy made the “pretty serious allegation” that Andy had ripped off his idea for a show he wanted to call ‘Cracking Yarns’ after a conversation in a bar in New York in December 2014.

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“I fully accept now that that was not the case,” Luttsy told his listeners on Thursday morning.

“I’ve now seen the concept document from 2013 developed by Hamish and Andy’s team for True Story. It is clear to me that they had conceived and documented the format for true story over a year before I met with Andy in New York.”

Luttsy told listeners that while the concept he pitched had “some similarities”, he accepted that Hamish and Andy came up with their idea all on their own.

“Wrongly accusing someone of stealing material is one of the most offensive things someone can do in our industry,” he continued.

“I apologise to Hamish and Andy and their team for implying they took my idea.”

Hamish and Andy's idea was all their own. (Image via True Story.)

Ahead of True Story's premiere on Monday, Luttsy had told his co-hosts that the concept for the show - everyday Aussies regaling the hosts with outrageous true stories while actors recreated the scene - was a "word for word" copy of his own idea.

"Ash, you were part of the pilot we did," Luttsy said to his co-host, Ashley Bradnam.

"I’d half shot that pilot and then other things have taken over so I haven’t actually completed it."

A Nine spokesman earlier confirmed that Hamish and Andy's show had indeed already in development when Luttsy and Andy had chatted

In the end, it was truly a case of great minds thinking alike.

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