There is one group of people in the world who are not obsessed with Sonny Blake.

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Sonny Blake is beyond cute. He is glorious.

His funny, smart parents obviously delight in him and his every toddler-centric utterance, posting them – as many, many of us do – on social media with ironic captions.

Otherwise rational women are completely obsessed with him. With watching his videos, with gushing over the chubbiness of cheeks and adorability of his smiles.

They do the same with Chrissy Teigan’s baby Luna, Bec Judd’s beautiful boys Tom and Darcy, His Royalness Prince George and, of course, Pixie Curtis.

Unless…  They have children of their own.

Listen to Mia Freedman and Jessie Stephens discuss the phenomenon of the Insta baby, here: 

Once you have children, and are knee-deep in cute toddler talk, mush-splattered meal-times and your own belief that there has never been a more perfect human, you’re not so interested in the Insta-babies any more.

Other people’s children are never as interesting to you as your own. And they are everywhere. In your mothers’ group, at day care, in kindy… There’s no space in your life for babies you’ve never met.

“No mothers are obsessed with Sonny Blake… Is it that [non-mothers] look at Sonny and want your future child to be like that?”

Yes, says Jessie, confessing that she and her sister often worry that their own children will never live up to the almost unreal cuteness of the Foster-Blake clan, et al.

I MUST stop letting him watch Are You Being Served. #niceandjoosee

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Perhaps mothers have less time to peruse the endless celebrity spawn on Instagram? Perhaps they can’t deal with the competition?

Whatever it is, there’s no denying their are enough “fans” of these celebrity kids to go around.

And here’s hoping that the way Sonny Blake says “you reckon” is not ruining a generation of future mothers whose kids might never top that in the cuteness stakes….

Listen to the full episode of Mamamia Out Loud, here: