SEX DIARIES: 'I had the naughtiest sex of my life after a wild Halloween party.’

I arrived in New York City the night before Halloween with a last-minute costume in my suitcase. I was going to be crashing on my friend Brad’s couch and he’d invited me to a party the next night. 

By the time I got to his apartment, it was late, and he had a mate over from Australia. "He’ll be staying a few nights too, if that’s alright," he said. "The sofa’s yours, I’ll give him the blow-up mattress."

Straight up, I knew James wasn’t my type. While tall with dark hair and big smile, he was a bit on the geeky side so I didn’t think anything of it when Brad said he didn’t feel great and we should go out for drinks without him. 

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Directed to a bar down the street, we made our way up to the most gorgeous rooftop in NYC, nestled amid a sparkling Manhattan. Wrapped up in red wool blankets and sipping G&Ts across from a glittering Empire State Building, it was hard not to get caught up in the moment, and as the conversation flowed, I felt myself drawn to James. 

He was a doctor, a pilot and a teacher who’d been to Antarctica. Incredibly accomplished, yet completely humble, he grew sexier in my eyes as the night wore on. 

When he admitted that tomorrow was his birthday, I melted and kissed him then and there, sitting side by side under the New York lights. 

Holding my hand as we left the bar, James was sweet and a real gentleman as he led me back to Brad’s, stopping in the street to kiss me again. Upstairs, we both ended up on the blow-up mattress, but he was slow and gentle as he undressed me, and we kept things pretty PG. 

Falling asleep in his arms, he woke me up a few hours later reaching for my mouth. Pulling my body up against his, I felt him stiffen with intensity. 

Pushing him onto his back, I climbed on top and slowly kissed down his bare chest before taking him in my mouth. 

Groaning, he put a hand on my hair and pushed my lips down as I moved quicker and quicker. Reaching a peak, he let go, releasing himself into me. 


Swallowing, I looked up at him. 

"Happy birthday," I grinned, before he pulled my head in for a kiss, enjoying the taste of himself on my lips. 

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The next night, I squeezed myself into the tiniest NYPD costume – a tight and very short black dress with a name badge that read 'Officer Anita Bribe.' With a police hat perched on my curls, handcuffs tied to a belt on my hip and a bold red lip, I’d never felt sexier.

Meanwhile, James, dressed in a Boy Scouts uniform, could not have looked more innocent. 

Yet from my bulging cleavage to my bare tanned legs, ending in black leather boots, James’ eyes popped as he took in my outfit, trying to control himself in front of Brad and the latest girl he was seeing. 

Sitting through drinks and canapes at a bar down the road, the sexual tension mounted whenever he looked my way.  

By the time we made it to the party, my vagina was already pulsating when the elevator doors opened to reveal the SoHo penthouse apartment. 

New York models fanned the room, wearing more lingerie than costumes, while a Karl Lagerfeld surveyed the room with a naughty kitty on a leash and a shirtless SWAT team patrolled the open bar. Sex radiated through the air. 

I navigated the party with the pretence of being social, but James’ unyielding gaze met mine again and again. 

Standing in a long line for the bathroom, he came up behind me, pulling me in with one hand on my hip as I pushed my bum back into him. Feeling him harden so suddenly in public, I wound my hands back and found it, rubbing him up and down outside his trousers as he groaned, and the party buzzed on around us. 

Leading me to a couch in the middle of the room, he sat down, pulling my legs over his. Turning my head with his hand to draw me in for a kiss, the other made its way under my thigh, his fingers gently moving across the lace crotch of my g-string, alternating pressure and sending me wild, lost in his mouth. 

"I have to have you now," he growled in my ear, all resemblance of chastity gone. 

Taking me by the hand, he pulled me to the lift. The doors had barely closed when he pushed me up against the wall, kissing down my neck as his hands groped at my chest, feeling their way under the flimsy costume to my nipples. By the time we’d descended, I was breathless. 


At Brad’s, we crept in quietly but there was no point. Through the glass window separating his bedroom from the lounge, I could see he was face down in the model from earlier, as she arched her back and moaned loudly. 

Suddenly grabbing my body in his hands, James pushed me backwards onto the air mattress, pinning me underneath him. Taking the handcuffs from my belt, he looked at me and I quickly offered him my wrists. 

"Good girl," he smiled. "Now I’m going to own you."

Slipping the plastic over my hands, he tightened the restraint, before reaching down to inch my black g-string off. Rolling it into a ball, he asked me to open wide, then slowly eased my underwear into my mouth. 

Trying not to gag, I watched as he pulled his shirt off over his head and unbuckled himself. Then, still with his Boy Scout khaki pants around his knees, he pushed hard into me, sending explosive waves of pleasure through my body. 

Lifting my arms up over my head, he held my wrists down as he drove further in. He was huge, the biggest I’d had, and with gasps through the lace he filled me up. Pulling against the handcuffs, I silently pleaded for more. 

"Who’s my naughty little whore?" he muttered in my ear as he grabbed my chin and kissed me fiercely before flipping me over. 

My face in the pillow, he rammed himself into me from behind, pulling my hair. "Take it all in your tight little pussy," he grunted. 

I’d never been dominated like this before and it drove me wild. 

Trapped under his weight, I let him stretch me out. Completely submitting, I gave up all control. 

He flipped me back over, and lying on his back, pulled me onto him. I sunk down, inches rushing up inside me, my hands out in front, unable to do anything except ride him. Harder and harder, getting wetter and wetter, I was so close.

"Do not come without my permission," he ordered. 

I whimpered, pleading through my gag. 

He continued to thrust, deeper and deeper. I was on the edge. 

"Ok, come for me, my little slut."

I exploded in a firework as he let go, and we orgasmed together. Holding me down, forcing himself inside, he made me take every last drop. 

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