The half-bun is the easiest hairstyle to master this autumn.

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The half-bun is the latest hairstyle that’s popped up on our hair radar. It’s a zingy little style that is fun, flirty and totally now.

The best thing about it? It’s so easy to achieve. But if you’re a bit of a hair dunce, we’ve created this how-to. In GIFs.

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It is what it says it is: a small bun, placed right on top of your head. Celebrities such as Margot Robbie, Sienna Miller, and our very own Aussie blogger Margaret Zhang have been seen rocking the look. (Post continues after gallery.)

Whatever your hair type or length, let the half-bun perch on top of your head like a sassy little friend. You can definitely pull off the hairstyle of the season! Bonus points for having the hair conveniently off your face, while also showing off your hair length.

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“It’s a new take on the half-up, half-down style,” says Rebecca Coffey from LHD Organic Hair. “The way you wear it shows your personality. “It’s easy, relaxed and there is a version out there for anyone.”

This hairstyle looks its best when it’s casual. Don’t over-think it.

“Bun is a term I would loosely use to describe this style,” says Rebecca. “It’s a loop, a braid hooked up, a bunched knot.”

Ariana Grande, out and about while wearing a half-bun. (Image via Twitter)

Ready to try out this new style? Welcome to The Glow Hair Academy. Please take a seat.

 Step 1: Prep your hair.

Textured, second-day hair makes this style look modern. Rebecca recommends using a heat styler to create waves in the ends, or braiding it beforehand to create messy kinks.

After washing my hair, I sprayed a sea salt spray (John Frieda Beach Blonde Ocean Waves) through my hair, and combed the product through using my Lady Jayne Stratton Wide Tooth Comb. After blow-drying, I created two french braids and then slept in them.


The next morning, after taking the braids out, I sprayed Toni & Guy Glamour 3D Volumiser throughout my hair, to create shiny fullness. I was ready to go!

Australian fashion blogger, Margaret Zhang, looking cool in her half-bun. (Image via Instagram)

Step 2: Separate the top section of your hair, to create a half-ponytail.

Using your thumbs, separate the top section of your hair, as though you’re creating a half-ponytail. Use the tops of your ears as a guide for where the half-ponytail should start.

 Step 3. Pull the half-ponytail to the top of your head.

Use your fingers to rake your hair to the top of your head. Don’t worry about a brush – keep it casual and messy.

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 Step 4: Grab the ponytail and hold it high above your head.

If you make the same face as Kim Kardashian Wesr in her #breaktheinternet photo, your hairstyle will be 300 per cent better. Fact! Please be advised that I am definitely, probably wearing underpants in this photo, at the very least.

Step 5: Create your half-bun

Use a hair tie to secure your half-bun. Don’t pull the hair all the way through – instead, leave it as a loop. Wrap the hair elastic around the loop to secure it. For a messier, fuller look, you can also mush the ends of the ponytail into the bun and then secure it all with an elastic.

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 Step 6: WORK. IT!

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Do you wear the half-bun?