"If you're anything like me, you'll need some serious help with hairstyles for girls."

If you’re anything like me, hopeless with style and helpless with hair, then your daughter is in danger of the dreaded pineapple head.

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This was a few months ago, and happily this small person’s hair has grown a little longer and I’ve learnt how to wield a hairbrush a little more successfully.

I can now produce quite a successful bicycle handlebar head.

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But the time is quickly coming where I will need to seriously lift my game and get some better hairstyles for girls under my belt.

I’m never going to achieve the incredible work of Shelley from Pretty Little Braids, who we’ve featured on Mamamia recently.

But I do think there’s a good chance I can at least make sure the girlchild I’m responsible for looks presentable.


The Topsy Turvy Ponytail.

This is a nice way to hide luridly coloured hair elastics, as well as being a nice take on a classic ponytail.

Step one: brush the hair until smooth, and secure in a loose ponytail.

Step two: divide the hair in half above the hair elastic, so there is a gap between the pieces of hair.

Step three: get the ponytail below the hair elastic and pull the ponytail through the gap you created in step two, from top to bottom, and gently pull the ponytail down.

Step four: tighten the ponytail a little and smooth down any fly aways.

The Fishtail.

The fishtail is so easy you’ll die, and it’s way cuter than a french braid.


Step one: brush the hair to smooth and tie it up in a low ponytail.

Step two: split the ponytail into two equal-ish (no need to be super precise here) parts.

Step three: take a small piece of hair from the outside of one side and pass it to the second side.

Step four: take a small piece of hair from the outside of the second side and pass it over to the first.

Repeat steps three and four until you get to the bottom of the ponytail.

Step five: secure the fishtail with a hair elastic.

The MilkMaid Braid.

This one is much easier than it looks.


Get the step by step here.

The Twist Bun.

This is closely related to the messy top knot hair style synonymous with busy mums everywhere. In other words, you already know how to do this one.

Step one: gather the hair together as if to make a pony tail, but don’t tie up with a hair elastic.

Step two: twist the hair so it starts to coil.

Step three: as it coils, start to lay the coil against the back of the head to form a circle. Continue twisting and coiling until you’re at the end of the ponytail.

Step four: put a hair elastic around the whole bun you’ve created.

Step five: hope for the best.

The Hair Bow Tie.

Also know as Minnie Mouse hair.